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When You Know, You Know! (Day 22)

On Wednesday night I flew from Austin, TX to Sacramento, CA to spend time with my Mom for a few days and attend my 10 year high school reunion. (!!!) Technically last year was my 10 year reunion but due to the pandemic we’re just now getting around to celebrating it. Better late than never! I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about following that event but for now let’s talk about prepping for that event…

I brought an outfit option with me from home but I wasn’t necessarily super excited about it. I was looking forward to doing some shopping with my Mom while I was in town and hopefully finding something new to wear to my reunion. I should also mention that the week leading up to my departure was a bit hectic so it wasn’t like I spent time poring over my outfit options in my closet, I just grabbed a pairing that I knew was cute and something I felt confident in and tossed it into my luggage. More so as a ‘just in case’ option.

Fast forward to today and my Mom and I hit up some of my favorite haunts in the area in search of the perfect ensemble. The only problem was, I didn’t quite know what ‘perfect’ looked like. Usually when it comes to events like this one, I’ve already curated in my mind an idea of exactly what I’m looking for and how I want to dress. Not this time. To be fair I don’t exactly get all dressed up too much anymore, not going into an office, so perhaps my skills are just a bit rusty.

The first spot we went to I had absolutely no luck whatsoever. I didn’t even try anything on. I was feeling immediately discouraged. The second place we went to I tried things on but nothing ‘wow-ed’ me. Nothing left me feeling really excited nor eager to show up wearing any of those pieces. Don’t get me wrong, they were really cute! Items that would traditionally be an immediate ‘add to cart’ but for whatever reason they just weren’t speaking to me for this particular moment.

Yet I couldn’t articulate what it was I was looking for. In my mind I said ‘I’ll know it when I see it, I’ll know it when I see it.’ Which if we’re being honest can be a very frustrating notion to put your blind faith in. But, I did and I set aside the cute pieces that weren’t wow-ing me and went to one final location.

By this time it was quickly turning into early evening, stores were closing and I was starting to panic that I just wasn’t going to find it. That elusive perfect look simply wasn’t out there or at least wasn’t going to be discovered by me in time for my reunion. Nevertheless, we gave one last store a shot and would you believe I found not one, not two, but THREE options! Three WOW options that I’m now having trouble deciding between!! Now that’s the kind of dilemma we’re going for!

I share all of this to say, or to remind us really, that your intuition is a very powerful tool. When it comes to buying things my final judgment is usually whether or not I LOVE the item versus just liking it and as I reflect back on the day I realize there were a number of items that I liked that I could have easily gone with but that little piece of me said no. It said there was something better out there for me that I would in fact love and as difficult as it may have been to articulate exactly what it was I was looking for, I without a doubt would know it when I saw it. You know why I would know it when I saw it? My intuition.

There were moments today that I lost faith in finding the right outfit for my event. Moments when I felt deflated and like it would be easier to just give up but I didn’t. I knew it was out there, just beyond my reach, I just had to restore faith in my ability to discover it. Never lose faith my friends. Whether it’s the perfect outfit, the right partner, career path, travel destination, whatever it may be, you might not be able to always articulate why it’s right but deep down you know. You always know. And that’s what matters.

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