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Try This Breakfast Hack! (Day 9)

When was the last time you woke up late on a Saturday or Sunday morning after a glorious sleep in and immediately thought about food? Perhaps you craved your favorite pancake breakfast from the neighborhood joint you frequent, or maybe it’s that brunch spot in the next town over that’s quenched your cravings for the last however many years. This morning was one such morning for me. Unfortunately I didn’t have a glorious sleep in but only because I fell asleep on the couch and woke up early to my stomach growling and one little pug scratching at my face demanding to be taken outside and fed.

Once Coco was happily fed and settled back into sleep, I picked up my book and dove into the final pages, trying to ignore the deafening sounds of my poor, hungry stomach. This morning my craving of choice was breakfast burritos, as of late that seems to be the go-to. While we haven’t found a breakfast burrito destination in Austin just yet, we have perfected our at home breakfast burrito recipe!

During a recent trip to H-E-B (our local grocery store) we decided to pick up the accoutrements to create our own perfect breakfast burrito to satisfy our craving. When it comes to most food, I’m pretty simple and being that I don’t eat meat, it’s been quite the challenge to find a breakfast burrito that suits my simple, non-meat eating tastebuds. Which made us stop and think, why not just make it on our own? I mean how hard could it really be?! Plus, we could get all the fixings for at home burritos (and lots of them!) for significantly less than what it would cost to go out to eat somewhere and indulge in breakfast or brunch. I mean it’s a win win. Win for your pocketbook and your cravings! Plus you don’t have to wait in line or deal with the traditional breakfast crowds. I mean sure it takes a little prep work on your end but it is so worth it! Don’t get me wrong, we still love going out to eat and trying new restaurants but we also appreciate this breakfast hack for those mornings we just don’t feel like dealing with the outside world quite yet.

See below for a grocery list for my perfect at-home breakfast burrito and give it a try next time you’re in the mood for the ideal breakfast situation. It should go without saying but feel free to add or edit any of the below ingredients to curate YOUR perfect breakfast burrito.

-Tortillas (make sure you get the larger ones to give you ample room to roll up all your burrito ingredients)

-Meatless Sausage Patties (or of course you can go for the regular sausage patties if you eat meat)

-Frozen Tater Tots (keeps things easy cooking wise!)


-Shredded Cheese (whatever suits your fancy! Personally I’d recommend something with a little more flavor, like a pepper jack!)

That’s it! Like I said, we like to keep our breakfast burritos pretty simple in this household but boy are they delicious. The best part is if you pick up all those ingredients at the store, you can enjoy breakfast burritos for at least two days! The gift that keeps on giving.

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