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‘Tis the Season! AlmostFabMe’s Christmas 2018 Gift Guide.

Is it just me or are you equally shook that it's Christmastime?! Not only that but the fact that we're mere weeks away from the year 2-0-1-9. Color me SHOOK!

As we rapidly approach the biggest gift giving holiday of the year, I thought it would be fun to give my first gift guide a crack. While I'm certain you're shopping for a wide variety of people this season, I wanted to look for some fun things that could be great for numerous people on that list of yours.

Also, this is a very selfish blog post being that I have done literally ZERO Christmas shopping. I'm horrible. Like I said, Christmas snuck up on me! And now me and my bank account are feeling the sheer panic as we realize it's two weeks away and that list of mine has yet to have a single thing checked off. Yikes!

With that being said, let's get to shopping shall we?

Gifts for the Woman in your Life

Jade Roller 

If she doesn't already have one this is a must for every girl (or guy even) out there. Not only that but it won't break the bank! Just make sure whichever one you get comes with the Gua Sha stone. Psst, tell her to stick it in the freezer for an even greater lifting and tightening.

Kopari Multitasker Kit and Kopari Face the Day Kit 

While I’ve only tried a couple of their products, these kits are without a doubt on my Christmas list this year. Depending on the woman you’re shopping for, either the Multitasker Kit complete with all the best in coconut products or the Face the Day Kit featuring the Cult Favorite Rose Toner are a surefire win.


What girl isn’t obsessed with nice smelling candles? I know I am! This year, get your bestie a beautiful and AMAZING smelling candle to fill her home with happiness. If I hear one more person talk about how amazing Capri Blue candles are I’m going to lose my mind so please, do us all a favor and buy one. Volcano and Aloha Orchid are some favorite scents.

The Teddy Bear Jacket

The teddy bear jacket trend hit the market hard in 2017 and I don’t anticipate it going anywhere any time soon. You can’t go wrong with a big comfy cozy jacket that she’s sure to wear at the very least for Netflix binging at home on the couch. The Pixie Coat is a fan favorite and it comes in multiple colors too!

Fresh Beauty Lip Scrub, Serum and Advanced Therapy Balm 

Honest to God I discovered this a few months back when I was at an event at the Century City Mall in LA. Fresh Beauty had a little stand and was offering free trials of some of their products and since I had never done a lip scrub I was curious to try. It was love at first scrub let me tell you. Done once a week, this three step lip care process will slough off all the dead skin on your lips and leave them feeling utterly kissable.

Personalized Zodiac Jewelry From Mejuri

Mejuri offers some of the most delicate and beautiful jewelry out there which means its the perfect place to go for gifts for someone special in your life. Personally, I am loving the Zodiac necklace especially since it’s a little bit longer and perfect for layering.

Huda Beauty - The New Nude Palette

D-E-A-D. That’s how I feel after looking at this eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty. The colors, the sparkles, it is absolute perfection and a great gift for that friend of yours who loves her some beautiful makeup.

Masks for Under Eye Bags

Let’s face it, we all lead stressful, and sometimes sleep deprived lives. Cue the eye masks. A recent trend to the beauty scene, eye masks have taken the world by storm and allowed us ladies to feel and more importantly look well-rested despite the behind the scenes chaos. Tell your bestie its time to pamper herself with these 24k gold eye masks.

Polaroid Camera

I don’t know about you but I love polaroids. I’ve gone back and forth about getting my own polaroid camera and while I don’t own one I think it’s a great gift idea. Polaroids are such a fun way to document a birthday party or a night out with the girls. Plus, they come in so many fun colors!

Cozy Blanket

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Kardashian blanket by now, you know, the one that they all have, appears throughout their Insta stories and TV show in some color or pattern. Well it’s definitely worthy of adding to the Christmas list. While I’m a big fan of this “Into the Wild” print, there are other, more neutral options. Cough cough, boring, cough.

Also, it is rather pricey for a blanket so I thought I would throw in the more affordable option from Victorias Secret which is an equally cozy and cute option.


It only took me one week of using my Ellia Essentials diffuser before I was telling all my family and friends to buy their own. I’m so glad I splurged a bit for this one because not only is it cute and looks great in my home but it lights up, changes color and has a sound machine that I use to play soothing ocean wave noises to fall asleep to.

Travel Wallet from Calpak

Perfect for the jetsetting go-getter on your list, these travel wallets from Calpak will not only keep your things organized but are too cute! They come in a wide range of colors and that fur strap is literally everything.


12 Month Planner

2019 is the year to get organized! Shop is my go to destination for fun, funky and motivational planners. Get your boss bestie her very own to help her stay on track in the new year.

Wine Subscription or Wine Box

Vinebox is offering this amazing advent calendar of wine which would be a perfect gift for the wino in your life. I think a wine subscription or fun tasting is also a fun and thoughtful gift.

Sleep Mask

Sure it’s a pretty cheap gift but I just had to put it on my gift guide as it’s by far one of my favorite products I’ve discovered this year. I’ve never been a big fan of eye masks as they often make me feel claustrophic and trapped but I’m telling you this one is a game changer. I first heard about it from The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast and then again at my lash studio, Lash Cupid. While mine was around $20, you can find comparable ones on Amazon for much less. The difference with this eye mask is it doesn’t sit flat on your eyes but instead forms around them leaving your lashes protected all the while blocking the light.

Gifts for the Man In Your Life 

I think it’s safe to say that men are a whole heck of a lot more difficult and maybe even less fun to shop for if we’re being honest. Have no fear, I’m here to bring you some really great options for the man in your life. Whoever he may be to you.


While I think this could definitely be a great gift for female friends as well, I think 23andMe is a particularly good gift for the men in your life as it’s probably something that they’re interested in but won’t necessarily spend money on for themselves. Plus there’s some awesome new features that give insight into your genetic influence on your health too!

Shower Radio

Because let’s face it, everyone sings in the shower…

Extra Long Charger

The gift that keeps on giving…and giving…and giving. Get it? Nope? Just me. K. Cool. Let him charge his phone while watching the game across the room on the couch. It's going to happen, just accept it.

Noise Canceling Headphones`

Have you ever experienced noise canceling headphones? Well let me tell you it’s a game changer. Give him the ability to dive into his favorite movie or game and eliminate all the extra noise. Unless that “extra noise” is you of course. I mean, duh.

An Everyday Watch 

A man who doesn’t have a nice, classic, everyday watch is a man I am not interested in let me tell you. A watch adds a certain je ne sais quoi to a man’s look. One that says I’m a professional and I care about how I present myself to the outside world…Also what time it is, because I’m a busy B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S man. Heyyo.

Passport Holder

Keep the jet-setting man in your life organized with a beautiful passport holder. Take that boring ole passport to the next level with this sleek case.


I feel like travel accessories, especially suitcases, are great gifts because again they’re things people don’t necessarily want to spend the money on for themselves. The investment is definitely worth it though when you think about the lifetime of a good suitcase. Invest in one for your man this season.

Toiletries Travel Pack

I have visions of boys just throwing their toiletries on top of their bag and calling it a day. Uhm, gross! Help him reach his full, ehem, adult potential with a sleek travel pack.

Pinboard Map

Again, another great gift for the female friend in your life as well, the pinboard map is sure to be a big hit. Just make sure to look for ones that you can actually pin things to!


Whether he’s in school or not, you’re never too old for a good backpack. Personally I still take one to work every day. This is the one I use and a great unisex style.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket

So I was at Disneyland yesterday and I swear to God I saw this coat in five different washes on five different guys all of whom looked equally cool. Definitely a necessary staple for any man’s closet.

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit

Personally I can’t imagine having to shave my face every day so why not make it a luxurious and nice experience for your man with this Art of Shaving starter kit. With plenty of scents and packages to chose from, he’s sure to look and smell even nicer this season.

The Beer Bucket List

I know I know, it’s difficult to find a man who reads nowadays but I mean who wouldn’t want to read a book about beer around the world?! I know I would! And I don’t even like beer like that!

Hot Sauce Gift Set

File this under random things boys love - hot sauce. This whimsical package of seven international hot sauces comes in a dynamite shaped bundle.

Race Car or Exotic Car Driving Experience

Head over to Groupon or Cloud9 Living for this next gift idea. Give him the ultimate experience this Holiday season by taking him to the race track. Let him take the drivers seat in his favorite racing or luxury car as you hold on tight (TIGHT) in the passengers seat.

Well folks, that’s all she wrote. There it is, the much anticipated (shoutout my female followers) and first annual Christmas Gift Guide. Which reminds me, I’ve got some major shopping to do. Excuse me while I swipe my life away.

(Originally Published December 11, 2018)

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