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The Joy List (Day 27)

Based on this week’s blog posts and their subsequent topics I’m going to assume you can tell that I haven’t been feeling my best. I’m not exactly operating at optimal ‘Casey’ level but I’m working on it. And praying I can get out of this funk soon...

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I absolutely love all things vintage and antiques. A month or so ago we took Coco to the vet and accidentally stumbled upon an estate sale in this beautiful neighborhood here in Austin. I left that estate sale determined to figure out how I can be more involved in the estate sale world so I can learn about upcoming sales in the surrounding area. Well, would you believe my surprise when a few weeks after that I was watching a YouTube vlog of this couple I love and follow who posted about which is essentially a website that shows you estate sales happening near you. It was like an answer to my prayers! This is exactly what I was looking for!

I hopped on the site earlier this week and now I’m officially hooked. It has official estate sales happening near me but it also has online auctions where you can go and bid on things as well. Sadly, I already lost out on a piece yesterday but I can see why people love this stuff - it’s addicting!

While I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish and down these last few days, I realized the overwhelming burst of joy I felt researching estate sales, browsing the photos of old treasures, looking for the gems amongst random odds and ends. It brought me pure, unadulterated joy. As such it got me to thinking about a variety of things that bring me joy and I wanted to share a few of them with you here. I challenge you to think of your own ‘Joy List’ and write it down as a reminder to yourself of those activities that infuse a little happiness into your life just when you need it most.

My Joy List:

1) Vintage fashion shopping

2) Antiquing - looking for great deals and treasures in unexpected places!

3) Being outside - sunshine is medicine for my soul!

4) Getting dressed up for an event

5) Traveling - anywhere really!

6) Trying/learning new things

7) Creating with my hands

8) Getting lost in a good book

9) Walks while listening to a good podcast

#30DaysofBlogging #Day27

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