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The Best Dressed at the Met Gala 2018

It's officially the ONLY Monday I look forward to throughout the entire year, Met Gala Monday. That's right people, it's Met Gala Monday!

I was anxiously Googling "best looks Met Gala 2018" in my final moments at work, trying to see anything and everything that had made its way down the red carpet. I need fashion people!!

Within minutes my search engine as well as my Instagram feed were filled with the best and worst of the Met Gala 2018 red carpet.

As many of you are aware, the theme this year was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination." I have heart eye emojis just typing that theme I mean come ON! The possibilities! It's such a rich theme with truly endless opportunities. You could go dark and ominous, a la Da Vinci Code or angelic and bright and ethereal.

I still haven't decided which way I would have gone but one thing is for sure, this is a theme you do NOT take lightly. The Met Gala is the crowning fashion moment of the year.  It is THE fashion moment of the year. Forget Fashion Week, this is IT.

THIS is the opportunity to truly take a fashion risk and GO for it. Honestly I was disappointed at the celebs who played it safe but for the ones who didn't, I salute you, and you most likely made it to my top dressed list. I would say you're welcome but honestly I feel like I should be thanking you for blessing my Instagram feed.

But seriously, thank you. (Insert praying hands emoji here).

Here are my top looks from the Met Gala 2018 red carpet in no particular order. I'm sorry I'm still trying to catch my breath from this red carpet. LAWDDD.

*All images courtesy of The New York Times.*

Rihanna - Maison Margiela Artisinal

Rihanna, aka the QUEEN of the Met Gala red carpet. Rihanna took this theme and absolutely ran with it. Every image I see of her truly takes my breath away more than the last. She's SO over the top in all the best ways and I can't get enough of it.

Zendaya - Versace

I have to be honest I'm not a HUGE Zendaya fan but girl knows how to dress for a red carpet. She's giving all the Joan of Arc vibes I could have asked for. Her hair cut and color is so bold and vibrant and adds a beautiful pop to this armor inspired dress.

Blake Lively - Versace

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, Blake Lively hit the red carpet. Can we talk about that train?! The bodice on this dress in INSANE also. It couldn't be more tailored for her. The color is so rich and luxurious. She looks like royalty gracing us with her presence.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke was made for this theme. Her naturally ethereal, angelic look is only amplified in this beautiful black gown with intricate gold baroque detailing. Also the pinned back hair, earrings delicately gracing her collarbones, crown and bold red lip are such beautiful finishing touches. I can't. She's everything I want to be and then some. Thank you my porcelain skin sister!

Chadwick Boseman - Versace

I opened up my list this year to include men because let's face it, the guys absolutely SLAYED the red carpet. Chadwick Boseman in particular brought it. The cape, the crosses, the all white with gold accents. He is WEARING this Versace ladies and gents.

Priyanka Chopra - Ralph Lauren

Again with this luxurious cardinal red. Priyanka always makes my best dressed list and this year's Met Gala carpet was no different. Girl knows how to accentuate her best assets - namely, her STUNNING face. I love her nod to the theme as well as her own Hindu religion with her headpiece.

Naomi Watts - Michael Kors

Accompanied by the designer himself, Naomi Watts stuns in this Michael Kors number. While it's simple compared to many of the other looks, it's very on theme and very Michael Kors. Ugh, who DOESN'T love Michael Kors? The man can do no wrong!

Kendall Jenner - Off-White

Also accompanied by the designer, Kendall Jenner stuns in Off-White. At first glance it appears to be a simple white pantsuit but upon closer investigation, you notice the mini-trains if you will on the pant legs as well as the sheer sleeves. I'm also obsessed with this off the shoulder neckline which highlights her collarbones beautifully.

Nick Jonas

Another man who knows how to dress a red carpet, Nick Jonas looks so put together in this look topped off with a cross necklace. He looks so classic, so regal, I love it!

Amber Heard - Carolina Herrera

Trains were definitely popular on the red carpet this year and Amber Heard is no stranger to a good train. This form-fitting Carolina Herrera number was made for her. The open back was a nice surprise coupled with the simplicity of the front. The headpiece tied this entire look together and brought it back to the theme.

Anne Hathaway - Valentino

More red, more crowns and I am HERE for it. Anne Hathaway is absolutely glowing on this red carpet. Red suits her beautiful, porcelain skin. I love the deconstructed nature of this dress mixed with the sexiness of a slight cutout in the front and open back.

Kate Bosworth - Oscar de la Renta

Another person who took my breath away on the red carpet, Kate Bosworth looks absolutely unreal. She looks like an angel from heaven who just floated down from above to grace us with her angelic presence. Can I just say I love the flushed cheeks here - so cherubic of her!

Amanda Seyfried - Prada

Very few individuals can pull of this yellow but let me tell you Amanda Seyfried is one of those people. The cascading sleeves compliment her cascading waves down her back. She looks effortlessly beautiful.

Lily Collins - Givenchy

Lily Collins was giving us dark Catholicism vibes here. While you can't see the front of the dress, her look was truly made by her accessories. Her hair is unlike anything I've ever seen before and has just the right amount of interest so as not to compete with her crown. The girl has a tear drop on her cheek I mean come on! Living for this.

Olivia Munn - H&M

Another guest who's accessories truly completed their look. Olivia Munn's H&M gold dress highlighted her curves and photographed beautifully but it was the chain link helmut if you will that truly captivated me. She looks feminine and beautiful but so badass at the same time.

Until next year Met Gala...

(Originally Published May 7, 2018)

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