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My Van Life: Day 41

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Cape Cod, MA – Wellfleet, MA

The weather here has been so strange. Granted it’s much cooler than it was in Boston which I’m grateful for but strange nevertheless. It was overcast and gloomy with sprinkles and rain showers throughout the day but I don’t think it ever dropped below 75. Just a muggy, humid, summer shower. Adam had a busy work day today so we popped over to a nearby Planet Fitness in the morning so I could get my sweat on and he could hang out with Coco and get some work done. As per usual, we switched places once I was done with my workout and shower (washed my hair today which is always a win especially when it doesn’t involve washing my hair in the van), and Adam went in for his workout. It’s definitely a bit of a bummer because as I’ve mentioned before what could be an hour and a half, two hours max at the gym really turns into 3-4 hours because we have to take turns with one of us watching Coco while the other works out. It’s fine but just a bit frustrating when it takes up so much time in our day.

The good news is our Planet Fitness membership has done wonders for me and I feel SO much better after being back in the gym getting a consistent and challenging workout in – one that doesn’t involve laying our yoga mats on the ground outside the van – and a good shower to boot. I think we’ve really got this routine down, too! Due to our later start this morning and our gym time, we didn’t really wrap up until around 4pm when we started the drive to Wellfeet. In my research of things to do in Cape Cod, the Wellfleet Drive-In Movies came up which was an activity that both of us agreed at the beginning of van life would be kind of perfect for us. We could pull up to the drive-in theater, open up the back doors, have the bed down and enjoy the movie with Coco right there with us.

Well apparently Wellfleet is an established summertime destination because it was a full house for this double feature movie night. For $15 (give or take a few dollars with the snackbar food and snacks) we saw Jungle Cruise and Free Man. The amount of people who walked by commenting on how we had the "perfect set up" was kind of cool. Inflated the van life pride so to speak but you know what, more than anything, they weren’t lying. It was the perfect setup and the perfect night out. This week has left me a bit deflated because it’s not exactly the week off I imagined. I didn’t imagine to spend two days in the Mercedes dealership, stranded without our mode of transportation and our home. I expected to be out, charting my own path, discovering new things, walking about new cities but instead I spent way more time inside than out. It’s been a disappointing week but tonight turned the corner and I hope it continues to look up from here. Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend’s ahead of us after all.

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