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My Van Life: Day 20

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Dorchester, WI – Two Rivers, WI

Today I saw Lambeau Field. Add that to the list of things I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Okay in all fairness I didn’t see the actual FIELD but I saw the stadium and the most important part, the Packers Pro Shop. Without a doubt the most overwhelming merchandise store I’ve ever witnessed with my own two eyes. Here I was thinking I’d walk in, get my shirt, call it a day. Oh no no NO! There’s shirts, there’s hats, blankets, scarves, home décor, dog apparel, children’s items, desk and work supplies, literally anything you can thing of – they have it! Needless to say it took much longer to do our lap – laps (plural) really – than I anticipated.

We woke up early this morning and left Dorchester to head to Green Bay before the work day started. If I haven’t already mentioned, that’s definitely one of the perks of traveling, for me at least. I’m currently two hours ahead so my mornings are pretty open which has been really nice for writing and updating the blog.

OH! I forgot to mention, that “level 4” storm that those local firefighters warned us about with a BOOMING knock on the van door last night??? Slept right through it. I mean it! I didn’t hear and or feel any torrential wind nor did I wake up to thunder and lightning like I did the night before. Now I’m curious their definition of level 4? Well nevertheless after successfully surviving a level 4 storm last night, we arose early and hit the dusty trail to Green Bay. Adam had a call as soon as we landed (he’s still working on Central Time as per usual) but once he was done with his call we made our way to the stadium. The Pro Shop opened at 9am and I think we walked in the doors around 9:15am. Thank goodness we did! Not only was it not too crowded but we had ample time to explore and find the perfect items to take home in commemoration of our time at Lambeau Field.

Being on the outskirts of the field just made me that much more excited to one day visit during the season. Granted I’m sure it’s a very different experience and not at all the sunny and 75 July morning we experienced today but how fun! The entire complex just looks like the best time. I mean there’s even an area in the parking lot for tailgate parties. Like an indoor facility! I was just blown away. There was this house – I think it was a house at least – directly across the street from Lambeau Field that had turf and lawn chairs and this whole set up. It looked like the most amazing place to experience a game and I can’t help but wonder if people live there or fans (like myself obvs) could potentially rent it out?!

We made a few loops around, taking it all in before moving over to Cabela’s across the street to post up for working hours. Cabela’s is another great location that accommodates RVs and sprinters like us when you’re looking for a safe place to land. Plus it’s just a fun store. We’re at the end of our groceries since we’re heading to Chicago this weekend so we decided to enjoy the local eats and ordered takeout from Hinterland, a beautiful restaurant directly across the street from Lambeau. Adam wanted, no he NEEDED his cheese curds before leaving Wisconsin so of course that was on the lunch menu today. I mean when in Rome, right?

There was lots of space to walk around and enjoy the beautiful day so after lunch we enjoyed a bit of movement and outdoor time before finishing out the work day and heading to our campsite for the night. Tonight we’re FINALLY using our Harvest Hosts account for the first time. With Harvest Hosts you pay an annual membership – I believe it was $99 – and you have access to these sites across the country that offer you a place to park for the night free of charge. There are a couple stipulations, the first being you can only stay for 24 hours which is kind of a bummer. The second is you have to purchase something from said host site – usually they’re wineries, dairy farms, farms, breweries, etc. – as a thank you and way of supporting the host. Third you have to book online and unfortunately every time we’ve gone online to check, it’s been too late and availability has been scarce. Tonight we finally locked one in though at London Dairy Farms in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. They have Alpacas onsite so the store featured various alpaca goods – socks, clothes, blankets, etc. – so it was a fun place to be "forced" to pick up some unique souvenirs essentially. We’re parked in a grassy area across the street from the Dairy Farm and the breeze is absolutely magnificent. It’s funny that it’s only maybe an hour away from Green Bay and yet the air isn’t muggy or thick with humidity at all here. It’s so crisp and fresh and finally I am comfortable once again.

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