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My Van Life: Day 19

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Dorchester, WI

Unfortunately it was just another boring work day in the books today. Don't you just hate that for me? I know I certainly do. Although I will say I was 100% convinced that today was Thursday so imagine my disappointment to realize in fact tomorrow is Thursday and I still have one full workday left in the week. This is my last Friday off, as a reminder, my company gave us every Friday in July completely off which has honestly been such a blessing, so you better believe I am absolutely going to live it up this last Friday. There’s just one more day between me and that light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ll admit I woke up feeling kind of out of it this morning. I was disoriented when I first lifted my head off the pillow, very much convinced it was approximately 6am when in reality it was 8:30am and it was all downhill from there. Just one of those days when you’re not particularly in the mood for a whole lot of anything. I received some not particularly great news this morning, my internet was on the fritz ALL day long as I was repeatedly kicked OUT of Zoom meetings, I’m still sweltering hot and it’s been raining on and off not only leaving the ground wet but keeping us from outdoor play time. I definitely missed that this evening. I’m getting to the point where I’m just craving a traditional workout SO much I don’t know what to do with myself. Like I’ve mentioned before we’ve been pretty good about getting creative and squeezing workouts and movement in on a regular basis but as of right now it’s just not cutting it for me. I need my workout routine back in my life! Give me F45 or a boutique studio workout class any day. PLEASE.

Our van charge also dropped below 50% today which was a first. Since we’ve been in primarily sunny destinations throughout our trip, we’ve never had to worry about the van’s charge. Today was cloudy all day and thus our solar panels did not charge as much as they traditionally do when we’re parked under the beating sun. Of course as a result we immediately looked for ways to reduce our energy usage – unplugging things, turning things off, etc. – but within an hour both of our computers were dying and had to be plugged in. So much for that plan. The van does have the ability to be plugged in and charge which is good and that gave us a little extra juice at our campsite but it indicated it would have to be plugged in 8 hours in order to get that full charge. That’s a full work day! With the rain coming and going we didn’t exactly have that kind of time but it gave us the little charge boost that we needed and helped us both feel better about the van’s charge status.

We squeezed in a walk this afternoon before the rain comes in later this evening as apparently it’s supposed to be a level four storm! Truthfully I don’t know what that means but four sounds like a high number on the storm scale radius so I’m going to go ahead and assume we’re expecting a lot of rain, wind, etc. I’m off to bed early tonight as the plan is to wake up and get some driving in before work hours so I apologize for this boring post but I guess to be expected for boring ole work days staying in the same destination, in the same spot for hours on end. Until tomorrow!

(An hour later) Late breaking update, someone from the city fire department literally just knocked on the passenger side door of our van saying we can take shelter in the local fire department if needed because of the level four storm coming this evening. UHM WHAT. I'll report back tomorrow. In the meantime, say a little prayer for this West Coast Girl about to encounter a level four storm apparently?!

(See below for more pictures from our campsite where we've been staying the last few days. All pictures below taken directly from the Village of Dorchester website).

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