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My Van Life: Day 17

Monday, July 26, 2021

Elk Mound, WI - Dorchester, WI

We are officially on Central Time – have I mentioned that? Well if not, please make note of the fact that we are presently two hours ahead of my West Coast friends reading this. As many of you know we had an extended month long stay in Austin earlier in the year in which we were also two hours ahead of my work counterparts in California. Looking back I really enjoyed being ahead because it gave me luxurious mornings and as you likely know by now, mornings are my favorite time of day. It did however mean late nights which I didn’t love. Getting done with work at 7pm or later pretty much meant closing down the computer, eating dinner and hopping into bed. That part I did not love. However my mornings, those I loved.

Being in Central Time again we are experiencing those luxurious mornings once more. Well, I am at least. Adam traditionally works on Central Time since his office is based in Chicago so it’s not much different for him. This morning I woke up, did my writing, blogging, worked out outside, showered (first time washing AND conditioning my hair might I add) all by like 9:00am PST. It was kind of fantastic.

Speaking of fantastic, I’m happy to report that my first experience washing and conditioning my hair was a huge success. I’m talking good hair day kind of success. When it’s incredibly hot and humid outside as it has been these last few weeks, showering in our little van shower with chilly water is actually a welcomed adrenaline burst. I almost look forward to holding my breath as I flail the shower head all over my body trying to get an even smattering of water in a timely fashion.

Unfortunately it was another boring Monday work day I’m sorry to report. Last night we ended up moving from the rest stop in Menomonie as it was extremely loud being virtual right beside the highway. Knowing we were both desperate for some serious sleep (what else is new LOL), we drove about 10 miles to Elk Mound to a little parking lot across from a convenience store. It was much quieter with only a few cars in the lot and absolutely no semi-trucks. Thank God. Plus we knew for a fact we could stay overnight at this destination. That’s the tricky thing about rest stops, we never know for certain if we’re able to post up overnight or it’s frowned upon by the "rest stop police." Do those exist? Should we be on the lookout for them?! Who’s to say.

I think I’ve mentioned this a couple times now but we’re tracking about a week ahead of schedule so we’re actually going to be in Chicago this weekend and all next week with family. Originally we were scheduled to make it there next weekend but as many of you know we haven’t exactly been staying in some of these places as long as we originally imagined. That being said, last weekend we planned out the remainder of this week inclusive of places to stay which always makes me feel a whole lot better. That’s the one (okay maybe one of the few) things that gives me anxiety – not having a solid place to stay planned out ahead of time. Adam found this amazing place in Dorchester, WI that’s only $18 a night. We’ve been doing pretty good about camping for free as of late so we decided to “spring” for the $18 a night campground especially since we have great Wifi, wide open space, bathrooms and showers on site not to mention lots of outdoor room for Coco and for us to explore. I’m totally craving outdoor time as of late. I do during the normal work week too but it’s been such a challenge with how hot it’s been. You don’t exactly want to go outside for a midday walk when it’s 90+ and humid. Not to mention when that outdoor walk means a loop around a parking lot or rest stop. Doesn't that sound like a dream?! Ah Van Life problems. Anyway, we drove over to our campsite after work – it was only about an hour drive – and landed here before the sunset. Only having been here a few hours, I feel like we are living in absolute luxury! I am so grateful to call this place home for the next few nights.

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