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My Van Life: Day 12

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Broadus, MT - Belle Fourche Dam & Reservoir, SD

I keep thinking the farther East we go the cooler it’s going to get (temperature wise) but time and time again, day after day I’m absolutely melting in the van. Melting! Today was no different. When I took Coco to the bathroom at 9am this morning I was already sweating. 9AM! It was nice being able to keep the van doors open however we were parked just off the road in kind of a grassy area at the rest stop so bugs were flying in and out all day long. Talk about distracting when you’re on a call and there’s a fly circling your head. Ugh I hate bugs. But it’s absolutely unbearable with the doors closed so you have to weigh the pros and cons I guess.

We both had busy work days but we were able to squeeze in some afternoon driving time so we could arrive to our next destination before dark. We found an amazing spot via Campendium.comAdam found this new website via an online ad – at Belle Fourche Dam & Reservoir. It’s a breathtaking setting right on a lake off the beaten path, very similar to Henry’s Lake where we stayed in Idaho just outside West Yellowstone. There’s a number of large camping spots around the lake so you don’t feel completely secluded but it’s private enough to where you likely could go without seeing or hearing your neighbors at any time during your stay. The main difference between this place and Henry’s is this place has service! YAY! See we’re starting to get a hang of this free campsite thing again. (I really hope I didn’t just jinx us.)

Once we found our spot we decided to get a quick workout in outside. No matter if you’re inside or outside it’s muggy, it’s hot, sweat drips down your body into every single crevice imaginable. We figured we may as well get some sun and fresh air while we’re at it. Although with how muggy it is I'm not sure that "fresh" is the first descriptor that comes to mind when thinking about this particular air quality. Reminiscent of a New Orleans summer afternoon really. Okay, probably not THAT bad but I can’t help it. When I think "muggy" I think walking around Bourbon Street during the late summer as I have done once before.

It was funny too because of course the ONE time I was actually looking forward to a cold van shower after our outdoor workout, the water was warm. THE ONE TIME!!! It cooled down a bit at the end but I still found myself sweating while precariously trying to balance my leg on the toilet to shave. Yes, you read that correctly, on the toilet. The shower stall and the toilet are one in the same. It’s a special kind of place this van.

While Bozeman was a sweet little town, I’m sure glad to be out of that rest stop. The rest stop that kept me up at night anxious as hell. That rest stop that infested our van with dozens of flies. The rest stop that greeted me at 9am with a bright, beating sun and subsequent full body sweats. Thankfully that one’s behind us and now we have at least a couple days enjoying this lakeside bliss.

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