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My Top 6 Swimsuit Trends for 2017

I think it's safe to say Summer is officially here! Los Angeles had it's first true heat wave this last weekend and I have the sun burn and tan lines to prove it.

Regardless of our 80+ degree weather (depending on which part of the city of angels you call home), our heat is incomparable to that of my beautiful home town Sacramento which was pushing 110 all weekend or our neighbor, Palm Springs which was pushing 120! No thank you. That's just excessive.

Lucky for me, I live on the Westside in Los Angeles which means beach weather and ocean breezes. Thank God!

If you were looking for me at all this weekend, you should know I was at the pool. I practically lived in my swimsuit. Which got my thinking about how my swimsuits are so last year. You know, like when triangl bikinis were super in? Well despite a quick trip to the mall Friday night, I failed to find a replacement bikini to bring my game up to 2017. Needless to say, I'm still looking...

Here are this summer's swimsuit trends I'm dying to try. P.S. I will also take any and all recommendations for your favorite swimsuit shops online or otherwise!

  1. The Detailed One Piece

Image via Tularosa x REVOLVE - Ember One Piece Swimsuit

This particular suit I've seen on the likes of all the REVOLVE girls enjoying their weekend getaway in the Hamptons. Not only am I ALL about the yellow - a great seasonal and year-round color - but the detailing in this one piece makes it so unique. The mesh cutouts around the tummy area as well as the deep v and pom pom's lining the neckline give this look plenty of interest (in all the right places).

2. The Graphic Onesie

Image via REVOLVE

If you haven't seen a one piece with playful graphic lettering like the one above then you've either been living under a rock or haven't attended any bachelorette parties this summer. This has undoubtedly been the swimsuit of choice for girls weekends amongst the it-girls and every day girls alike. This simple pink is the perfect pop of color to highlight fair and bronzed skin alike and just like the detailed one piece above, it calls all the right attention in all the right places.

3. The Vintage Vixen

Image via Southern Curls and Pearls

While I'm usually not one for the strapless bikini top (although they are great for avoiding those pesky tan lines), the strapless bikini is the perfect pair for this high waisted bottom. Similar to the first one piece, these bottoms have added interest not to mention the fact that it hits you at your smallest point. Hello extremely flattering swimsuit!

4. The Sporty One

Image via REVOLVE

These sporty two pieces scream comfort yet have an understated sex appeal about them. This Americana Themed suit is perfect for the summertime and will accentuate my fair skinned friends very nicely. Whether you're laying out catching some rays or playing beach volleyball, this sporty two piece will keep everything under wraps but still manage to leave you looking too good.

5. The Edgy Two Piece

Image via NBD x REVOLVE - Jenny Bikini Top

I first saw this look on The Skinny Confidential's 4th of July Instagram post. While she looked BOMB (as per uge) I will admit I was a little iffy about the mesh situation. However, after seeing it done in a variety of ways and worn by many of my favorite bloggers and it-girls, I gotta say I don't hate the mesh. I love this all black look because it takes an average sporty swimsuit and transforms it into an edgy, sexier look.

6. Legs for D-A-Y-S

Image via Revolve.

Say bye bye to low waisted hip hugging bottoms and hello to up-to-there thigh highs. I am absolutely OBSESSED with this look. First of all, it's particularly flattering on my body type so of course I'm all about it but also I think it's a little bit of that understated sexy as I mentioned before. Pulling the sides of your swimsuit bottoms up higher on the leg actually gives the illusion of having longer legs so all my fellow shorties out there this is the look for you. Whether in a sophisticated one piece (thank you Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez) or a classic bikini, this look is a must for the season.

Well fellow sun chasers, there you have it, the top swimsuit looks for the summer of 2017. Hard to believe that it's only just getting started but if we're in for more weekends like the one we just had, I better get to swimsuit shopping!

Share your favorite swimsuit shops with me either here or on my instagram at @almostfabme.

(Originally Published July 9, 2017)

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