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My Official Review of Halo Top's Seven New Flavors

Well, it's official. I've tried all seven Halo Top's new flavors.

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I set out to achieve this mission upon first word of the new additions to the Halo Top ice cream family and as of last night, mission accomplished.

Despite this healthier ice cream's recent popularity, it didn't take too long for me to track down the new flavors. I was able to find all seven at the same Ralph's and some even in the same trip. Yes, there were trips to the grocery store where I walked away with two or three pints. #noshame

I took one for the team, well I guess seven (pints) to be exact, and did my research for all my loyal followers. I know, I know, I'm just a selfless kind of gal. You're welcome.

Here's my honest (unbiased, unsponsored - although hey Halo Top, have your people call my people) review of each of Halo Top's seven new flavors (in order of when I ate them).

1. Mochi Green Tea - absolute FAVE! The green tea ice cream was light and refreshing with delicious mochi bits mixed throughout. Not only was the taste fantastic but even the smell exuded the light and fresh scent synonymous with green tea.

2. Waffles and pancakes - legitimately breakfast in an ice cream pint. From first scoop you can immediately smell and then taste the syrup you would normally douse your morning breakfast essentials with. Due to the strong syrup taste, I would recommend this flavor in small doses. Maybe even a scoop or two as a topping to a special dessert, definitely not to be enjoyed in one sitting. As in I wouldn't binge this whole pint.

3. Rainbow swirl - a clearly healthier sherbet flavor. My boyfriend is the sherbet king and unfortunately he was not impressed with Rainbow Swirl. While the colors mimic that of a standard sherbet, the flavor is missing the same sweetness. Of course, Halo Top is known for being a healthier option when it comes to ice cream so we couldn't expect the same level of sugary sweetness. Nevertheless this one was a let down.

4. Cinnamon Roll - all the flavor and scent of one of my favorite spices! Similar to Waffles and Pancakes, from first scoop my nostrils were infiltrated with the scent of this new flavor. Cinnamon wafted into my nose and then onto my tastebuds with each bite. The only way this flavor could have been any better would have been with little gobs of Cinnamon Rolls - you're right, probably doesn't align with the whole "healthier option" thing. A girl can dream.

5. Chocolate Covered Banana - holy banana Batman! My boyfriend prefers fruity desserts while I'm a chocolate girl at heart so I let him have this one - not without me indulging in a couple bites of course. To be honest, I couldn't even taste the chocolate in this flavor. It was pure banana to me. It kind of reminded me of the banana runts which are my fave (uh, duh) but not when it comes to my ice cream flavor. To each their own though.

6. Caramel Macchiato -  my morning coffee in a cup! This one was surprisingly delicious. I'm normally not a huge fan of coffee flavored desserts although I've developed more of an affinity for it since I started actually drinking coffee (imagine that). The Macchiato is definitely stronger than the Caramel flavoring but I wasn't mad at it.

7. Candy Bar - like a light and fluffy chocolate bar! Candy bar was the perfect light, chocolate dessert option. That's the best part about Halo Top, I never feel like I just gained thirty pounds and am disgusted by myself after eating it unlike how I probably would have felt if I legitimately ate a candy bar. This flavor is an understated chocolate and great for the dessert lover looking for their simple, tasty fix.

There you have it - straight from the ice cream expert's mouth! Yes, I just declared myself an ice cream expert. Deal with it. While none of these new flavors can replace my original Halo Top love - Red Velvet - I did find a couple new ones that I may mix into the rotation.

Cinnamon Roll was all the wonder and magic and sweet smelling deliciousness of an actual cinnamon roll in ice cream form and Mochi Green Tea was the freshest, most refreshing treat. Ugh that one was TOO good.

I can't wait to see what's next from my favorite ice cream brand! Dare I say...Some holiday flavors?!

(Originally Published September 11, 2017)

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