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My Magical Morning at the Unicorn Brunch with Feastly

I cannot say enough about Feastly! This last weekend I had my second experience at the Venice location and it was an absolute dream. Mind you, that could have had something to do with the fact that it was a unicorn brunch but, regardless, Feastly is amazing.

From the moment I got the Feastly newsletter in my inbox with unicorn donuts at the top in honor of the upcoming unicorn brunch, I squealed with delight (internally of course as I was sitting at my desk at that exact moment). I absolutely HAD to go. After securing a solid group of fellow unicorn lovers to attend with, the countdown was on. Thankfully I only had about 5 days until the big show so the countdown was brief. I don't think I could have contained myself otherwise.

Friday evening, I went to my closet to find the best unicorn-esque attire to wear the next morning to brunch. Despite me not being too far removed from college and my sorority costume party days, my clothes were limited on the unicorn front. I decided to go with a jumpsuit that had colors that made me think of the unicorn spirit (who knows if others felt the same).

As we pulled up Saturday morning, there was no questioning if we were in the right place or not. Groups of girls decked out in full on unicorn dresses and headpieces made their way to Boccaccio in preparation of a truly magical morning.

And let me tell you, magical is an understatement.

The space was decorated with unicorn pillows, headpieces, pom poms strewn across the tables, bright colors everywhere and exuded an overall sense of pure, unadulterated joy. Everyone's eyes lit up the moment they walked in the room as they gazed in awe at the setting for the unicorn brunch.

Adam (yes I dragged my bf along) and I grabbed a spot at the table and got to snapping photos. Within a few minutes of sitting down, we were served our unicorn mimosas complete with unicorn popsicles adorned with edible flowers. It looked too good to drink! But you best believe I drank it, and loved every minute of it!

Over the course of the next two hours we enjoyed a vegan unicorn brunch (see detailed menu below) courtesy of Chef Nicole Derseweh.

Melting Unicorn Mimosa Sparkly swirled and floral unicorn popsicles melt into your crisp bubbly champagne making this the most magical mimosa you've ever had.

Unicorn Lovers Latte This latte is fluffier then a baby unicorn tail with warm foamed oat milk and healthy pastel swirls of blue algae ,yellow turmeric and house made lavender syrup garnished with a unicorn marshmallow.

Unicorn Toast This is the most magical toast ever. Gluten free toast topped with smoked pea puree, beet confet and unicorn colored cream cheese complete with farmers market pickles and magical unicorn surprise toppings...almost too pretty to eat!

Magical Unicorn Noodle Salad Watch as these magical unicorn rice noodles change color before your eyes. Served with rainbow market vegetables and mango stars. Unicorn Benedict Vegan egg scramble served on a funfetti waffle topped with fresh avocado, rainbow carrot lox and a pastel bearnaise sauce.

Karma Bakery Unicorn Donuts This donut Is sponsored by Karma Bakery and is too fun. This Vanilla buttercream donut is dipped in a rich white chocolate frosting and top with magical unicorn embellishments complete with a marshmallowy fondant horn. Chef Nicole D. was an absolute treat! She came out prior to the brunch and introduced each course her team would be bringing out. Her energy, enthusiasm and genuine beauty truly illuminated the room.

As this was one of my first experiences with an all Vegan brunch, I wasn't crazy about all of the food. The Unicorn Benedict with funfetti waffles and the Unicorn donut from Karma Bakery were my favorite. Not only were they super fun dishes but they were equally delicious! I could not get enough of that unicorn donut! First of all, I didn't want to eat it because it was much too pretty but as soon as I took my first bite there was no turning back. I devoured that entire thing and immediately looked for round two (which unfortunately I didn't get). I'm definitely adding Karma Bakery to my list of places to check out. After taking some boomerangs in the unicorn photo area, it was time to bid our magical brunch adieu. This was truly one of the most unique and amazing brunch experiences I have ever had the honor of partaking in.

From the decor, to the presentation, to the Chef, Unicorn Brunch with Feastly was one I will never forget. To check out upcoming Feastly events in the Los Angeles area, click here.

(Originally Published August 4, 2017)

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