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My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin, Texas

Are we surprised that my first true Austin blog post is about coffee??? If you are you must be new here because this is SO on brand for this Coffee Queen. Personally, I love an iced coffee (preferably served with a few splashes of oat milk) year round. Yes, I will drink iced coffee in the winter. I am THAT girl and have absolutely no shame about it whatsoever.

During the month we spent in Austin earlier in 2021 we searched high and low for our go-to coffee destinations. I will be the first to admit we did a fair share of trial and error but once we discovered our favorite destination (keep on reading to find out what that was!!), we made it a daily habit during the week and relegated trying new destinations to weekend excursions.

That being said, while I added some additional context to each coffee destination below, as a reminder, I am providing the review based on my personal experience in the coffee shop in addition to my individual coffee order. I am a cold brew and/or iced coffee gal so take that for what it's worth but I can't help but assume that any coffee shop with good iced coffee has to know what they're doing with their other, more complicated coffee drinks, no?

Without further ado - the moment you've all been waiting for. My favorite coffee shops in Austin, Texas!

Summer Moon - okay, I may have told a little baby lie. I think I have two shops tied for first when it comes to my favorite coffee destination in Austin. Summer Moon had a location walking distance from our rental which was extremely dangerous. I repeat, extremely dangerous.This was the destination that quickly became a daily habit walking back from F45 workouts in the morning Monday-Friday. Summer Moon has great vibes not only when it comes to a coffee shop but also a co-working destination. There's no doubt it's a neighborhood favorite as every time we visited we hopped in line behind other Summer Moon patrons, equally excited to get their morning cup of Joe. Drink of choice: cold brew with oat milk.

Mozart's Coffee Roasters - When it comes to experience, coffee AND baked goods, Mozart's is where it's at. Located on Lake Austin, Mozart's has been a staple in the community for over twenty years. I will warn you in advance that it has quite a large, established following and thus if you don't get there early or visit during the week, expect to wait in a long line. There is a good amount of outdoor seating however the coveted patio seating overlooking the lake is the first to go so get there early and claim your spot. In addition to your coffee selection, may I also recommend grabbing a piece of the Texas Pecan Coffee Cake? Delish! Mozart's is without a doubt an Austin staple and a must-visit destination. Drink of choice: toddy brau cold brew with oat milk.

Houndstooth Coffee - I originally stumbled upon Houndstooth Coffee because of their Texas shaped waffles that they served in their various locations last summer. While they were no longer serving those waffles when we visited due to COVID restrictions, we were still happy to try their coffee. Truthfully my only complaint is their iced coffee cups were too small, I slurped that bad boy down QUICK! They do sell iced coffee by the gallon which I would absolutely love to pick up and store in my fridge to enjoy Houndstooth coffee from the comfort of my home. Drink of choice: iced coffee with oat milk.

Bakery Lorraine - Be prepared for your sweet tooth to be absolutely overwhelmed upon entering Bakery Lorraine located at The Domain. Beautifully displayed pastries and baked goods greet you from the display upon entering Bakery Lorraine and I challenge you to leave without trying at least one. During our first visit I enjoyed the Greek Yogurt Parfait alongside my cold brew with oat milk. Come for the baked goods, stay for the French bakery vibes. Drink of choice: cold brew with oat milk.

Revival Coffee - I have to confess, the coffee at Revival Coffee wasn't anything special HOWEVER it is definitely worth the visit. This Latina owned coffee shop is so Instagrammable with great indoor/outdoor dining options. In my opinion, it's worth the visit just to immerse yourself in the space and take a picture or two while you're at it. Drink of choice: iced coffee with oat milk.

Austin Grind Coffee - This was the last coffee shop we visited while in Austin and I only wish we would have discovered it sooner. It's nothing special on the inside, certainly not the Instagrammable destination that Revival Coffee is however the coffee is delish. My favorite thing about Austin Grind Coffee is they offer a 32oz cold brew which is the size I traditionally get at my hometown favorite, Java Johnny's, but I haven't really seen it too many other places. This is the perfect sized coffee drink for me to enjoy all day long. The gift that keeps on giving if you ask me. Drink of choice: 32oz cold brew with oat milk.

There you have it - my favorite coffee shops in Austin, Texas. I definitely plan on spending lots more time in Austin in the future so if you have any favorite coffee shops that weren't mentioned above that you'd like to share, please do! You can always reach me either on Instagram (@almostfabme) or by emailing me at

In the meantime, happy caffeinating!

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