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My Fave Fiction Writers (Day 11)

It is officially beach season! Although if you’re like me and live somewhere nice and HOT then you’ve probably been experiencing ‘beach season’ for a while now even though it’s only officially been ‘summer’ for a few weeks now.

In my opinion, one of the best parts of summertime (and every season really) is beach reads - are we surprised?! I find that I prefer grabbing a good fiction book to tote with me to the beach or pool since I traditionally take notes while reading non-fiction and that requires a few more items to throw in the ole beach tote. As well as a lot more focus while potentially (and likely) being distracted by other beach or pool-goers. The last few times I’ve gone to the pool in my complex I’ve brought a book along but to be honest I’ve yet to even crack it open. It has to be the optimal conditions to dive into those pages, know what I mean? Thus far it’s been optimal ‘sitting in the pool with a drink’ conditions and not quite ‘laying in a chair reading’ conditions. There’s a BIG difference.

In honor of beach season and juicy summertime reads, I thought I’d share some of my favorite fiction authors as well as my top recommended books of theirs. Keep in mind I haven’t read each and every book published by the authors below but based on what I have read of theirs I have a deep love and appreciation for their writing style and ability to craft a truly compelling narrative. Some of the authors listed below I’ve only just recently discovered but I can’t wait to get my hands on every book they’ve published.

Happy Reading!

Jodi Picoult

Recommended: A Spark of Light + The Tenth Circle + My Sister’s Keeper

Colleen Hoover

Recommended: Verity

Lisa Jewell

Recommended: Then She Was Gone

Lucy Foley

Recommended: The Paris Apartment

Cheryl Strayed

Recommended: Torch

Jojo Moyes

Recommended: Me Before You (trilogy) + The Giver of Stars

Kevin Kwan

Recommended: The Crazy Rich Asians (trilogy)

Liane Moriarty

Recommended: Nine Perfect Strangers

Elizabeth Gilbert

Recommended: City of Girls

Barbara Kingsolver

Recommended: The Poisonwood Bible

Emily Giffin

Recommended: Something Blue

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