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My 2022 Coachella Lookbook

Good day blog community! Long time no see!?! It’s been far too long and of course the blame for that falls squarely on my shoulders. Over the last few months life has certainly gotten in the way and kept this busy little bee from cultivating her blog and blog community. That being said, if you don’t already, be sure to give me a follow on Instagram (@almostfabme) to stay up-to-date with all things Casey and Almost Fabulous Me. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Instagram is a much easier platform to keep updated so I’ve been posting and sharing a lot more over there.

If you do follow me on Instagram then you know I went to Coachella this year. April was the ultimate whirlwind month with a trip to LA, Coachella and even a bachelorette party in Chicago thrown in the mix and as such I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to play my Coachella looks. If you know me or have picked up on the Almost Fabulous Me vibes over the course of the last handful of years, then you know I am all about the fashion, especially when it comes to the ultimate runway of the year, Coachella.

It seems that my annual pilgrimages to the desert are often hurried and last minute thus I don’t know the last time I was truly gifted the opportunity to appropriately pre-plan my fashion but nevertheless, in the words of our earthly fashion patron saint, Tim Gunn, we always ‘make it work.’ This year was no exception. I spent at least two nights after work planning my outfits for the weekend ahead and successfully overstuffing my suitcase which ended up being, yes, 8 pounds overweight, to equip me with the ultimate ‘return-to- Coachella-after-a-2-year-hiatus‘ looks. I did end up having about 4 hours in Austin one Sunday morning to shop for some last minute pieces/accessories before jetting off to LA for the week prior to Coachella. Thankfully I had some success but, as previously mentioned, not quite the preparation time this fashion queen was hoping for.

Nevertheless friends, we did it. We made it out to the desert after 2 years of missing that dry desert heat, those overpriced, watered down drinks from the bar, all the wonderful dust particles infiltrating every orifice of my face, and seeing one too many body parts over-exposed, gyrating through the wide open fields. I believe this marked my 4th year attending Coachella and truly each year is better than the last. This year was something extra-special due to the 2 year break and of course the overall premium vibes of attending with a spectacular crew. That desert magic, it’s hard to beat.

Despite feeling like I didn’t have the time to curate my ideal festival fits, I was pretty pleased with how they turned out (all things considered) and got a ton of compliments and messages from you all about them. That being said, I figured I’d share an in-depth look at my outfits in My Coachella 2022 Lookbook.


Day 1: Friday, April 15, 2022

It took us 5 hours to get to the desert on Friday afternoon so by the time we changed, got ready and headed to the Festival grounds it was dark. Thus, pictures from that day are unfortunately scarce but it was the outfit I probably got the most compliments on.

Outfit Deets:

Shoes: Nike (Air More Uptempo) - exact color not avail on but one of my fave sneaker styles ever.

Shorts: Pavement Austin (Re-Paved Brand)

Bodysuit: Pavement Austin (Brand is KTOO)

Necklaces: Collected from various antiquing outings over the years

Day 2: Saturday, April 16, 2022

Saturday was a Coachella first for me - a wardrobe change. Our daytime plans were unfortunately foiled so I decided to snap a few photos in my daytime look before changing into a nighttime look to better equip myself for the desert evening cooldown.

Outfit Deets:

Daytime Look:

Shoes: Steve Madden (couldn’t find the exact style as they’re from last summer but these are similar)

Shorts: NastyGal (Brand is MOMOKROM and sadly they are SO old I can’t find them anywhere)

Top: Trouvé Moi Vintage - While she’s not selling as Trouvé Moi anymore, Jillian is expanding her business into high-end vintage sourcing, styling, wardrobe curation, etc. Definitely check her out!

Earrings: Blue Velvet in Austin

Hat: Freestyle Clothing Exchange - Fair Oaks, CA

Nighttime Look:

Pants: Pavement Austin

Waist Beads: Foofie Friday

Crop Top: Pavement Austin

Earrings: Blue Velvet Austin

Hat: Fashion Rewind Trading Co. in Fair Oaks, CA

Day 3: Sunday, April 17, 2022 (Easter Sunday!)

Day 3 was by far the hottest day of Coachella Weekend and perhaps my most basic, festival girl outfit. Nevertheless it was feminine, fresh and so very cute and surprisingly kept me moderately cool in the blazing desert sun.

Outfit Deets:

Shoes: Nike (Nike AF1 Shadow) - Exact color not available but one of my favorite takes on the classic AF1.

Shorts: Ermine Vintage in Austin

Belt: Antique Trove in Roseville, CA

Top: Handmade by Knotty Avacado and purchased from Fashion Rewind Trading Co in Fair Oaks, CA.

Necklaces: Large pearl necklace is from a local craft fair in Fair Oaks, CA last Christmas; Smaller charm necklace is from Ian Charms; Flower choker is from Blue Velvet Vintage in Austin, Texas.

That my friends concludes this year’s annual fashion show, I mean, Coachella Lookbook. As always, I absolutely love sharing my fashion tips, tricks and finds with you and hopefully you enjoyed getting the behind the scenes look at this year’s curated outfits. What look was your fave?! I would love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out either via IG (@almostfabme) or email at

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