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AlmostFabMe's 2020 Holiday Wishlist

Believe it or not this may have been the most challenging gift guide to write - my OWN gift guide! Never before have I published my Christmas Wish List but after seeing it included in another blogger's gift guides I thought it would be fun to write and maybe even helpful for some family and friends *hint hint.*

Not only will this gift guide provide you with a peek behind the curtain as far as what I'm asking Santa for this year but you'll get a better feel for my personal style and might even get some inspiration for things to add to YOUR Christmas wish list, too!

Without further ado - here's AlmostFabMe's 2020 Holiday Wishlist.

( is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Please note, some of the items you see below will link to Amazon. AlmostFabMe earns on qualifying purchases.)

(Don't forget to download the app where you can also find many of the items below by following me (@almostfabme) and searching my profile for this gift guide.)


Quilted Jacket

This quilted jacket trend has been popping up everywhere and I have to say it's a trend I absolutely LOVE. It's perfect for these colder months ahead and it has a certain character and nostalgia about it. Here are some really great options I absolutely LOVE that I spotted online at Urban Outfitters.

BDG Bandana Quilted Shirt Jacket from Urban Outfitters, $79

Kimchi Blue Patchwork Summit Anorak Jacket $119

UO Patterned Corduroy Long-Sleeve Overshirt $79

Vintage Tees

It seems to be my uniform as of late, vintage tees and biker shorts or now that the temps have dropped, vintage tees and sweats or tights. That being said, I like my vintage tees super oversized (I'm talking XL and UP) and cozy. While the below tee I found at Urban Outfitters isn't vintage per say, it has that vibe and I was drawn to the color and "worn" look.

Prince Parade Tie-Dye Tee $34

Vintage Disney Apparel

I am a huge sucker for just about anything Disney. It seems like this year I've added a couple vintage Mickey apparel pieces to my collection and now I feel like the only thing missing is this Mickey Lakers Champions Merch. Okay, maybe not the only thing missing...I'll likely keep adding to the collection.

Junk Food NBA x Disney LA Lakers Tee $39

Men's Los Angeles Lakers Junk Food Black 2020 NBA Champions Disney Mickey $54.99

Anti Social Social Club x Hello Kitty Collab

In addition to loving Disney, I also loveeee Hello Kitty (yes, I'm a child) and when this Anti Social Social Club x Hello Kitty collab apparel popped up on my Instagram, I knew I just had to have it! Truth be told, the apparel appears to be only available on StockX and thus StockX prices but I just absolutely love it!

Anti Social Social Club x Hello Kitty and Friends Hoodie Red, Prices Vary

Americana Button-Up

I first saw a shirt similar to this one on Influencer Payton Sartain and immediately added it to my wishlist. Being that it was vintage (her grandpa's), I knew I wouldn't be able to just find it online so I stopped thinking about this beloved piece. Until...I saw it a couple weekends ago at a local Antique Fair and while it wasn't the XL size I was hoping for (truthfully I want to wear it as a dress if possible), now I can't get it out of my mind. The hunt is back on!

Brooks and Dunn American Flag Long Sleeve Shirt $45


I'll admit it, I want to see what all the hype's about with Skims. I love a ton of the sets available online, especially the bralettes and lounge sets but linked the ultra cozy stuff below since that's what truly first drew me to the line.

Skims Cozy Knit Short in Camel $48

Skims Cozy Knit Tank in Camel $52

Skims Cozy Knit Pullover in Camel $72



Dr. Marten's x Marc Jacobs Collab

Those Instagram ads, they'll get ya! At least 50% of the items on my Christmas wishlist have come by way of an Instagram ad including the next two items. Similar to the Hello Kitty hoodie, I could only find these Dr. Marten's available on StockX (at StockX pricing) but they're just so amazing. I've never owned Dr. Marten's but if I ever did, it would be this pair.

Dr. Martens 1460 Marc Jacobs, $500 ish (StockX)

Another Instagram ad! This one sent me down a Coach rabbit hole (don't worry, you'll see plenty of those items in this Wishlist) starting with these boots. Definitely more of a fashion, less of a functional boot but I loved the vintage vibes and pop of color in these Tasha Booties. I think they'd be extremely flattering too with their fitted style.

Coach Tasha Bootie $225

I need another black bootie in my closet. Truth be told I've definitely worn out my other black Fergalicious Isolation Ankle booties and could use an upgrade. Black booties are such a closet staple and my go-to in the Fall and Winter months. DSW had lots of good options when I visited recently so I'm linking some of my faves below.

Kurt Geiger Sybil Bootie, $109.99

Marc Fisher Fellie 2 Bootie, $99.99

In addition to needing (okay, okay, wanting) a black bootie in my closet, I also want a statement pair of knee-high boots and haven't been able to get my mind off these amazing snakeskin printed ones from Target. I like that they're a warmer snakeskin print that the traditional more muted snakeskin tones.

Women's Brandee Knee High Heeled Fashion Boots, A New Day, Taupe $39.99


Not something I EVER thought would grace a personal wish list of mine but ever since I saw these incredible buffalo plaid, shearling Birkenstocks in a magazine, I've wanted a pair. Mainly I want house slippers that offer more support than the ones I'm currently rocking on a daily basis, and the electric colored water based ones for trips to the pool next Summer. Summer 2021 I'm thinking 'bout you girl.

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Shearling $180

Birkenstock Water Friendly Arizona Essentials Eva in Active Lime $44.95


New Wallet

My black Michael Kors wallet is officially coming apart at the seams and needs a replacement. While Michael Kors is usually my go-to when it comes to large wallets, I'll admit I didn't see too many choices online that I was drawn toward. That being said, Coach has really been tickling my style fancy as of late so I wasn't surprised to find one I liked on their website.

Coach Accordion Zip Wallet In Colorblock Signature Canvas $225

New Purse

Shoutout to Instagram ads for taking me down this Coach purse rabbit hole and finding all these beautiful bags that I want immediately.

Coach Micro Tilly Top Handle in Blocked Signature Canvas, $89.40 (SOLD OUT ON COACH)

Tabby Shoulder Bag 26 With Rivets $450

Riley Top Handle 22 In Signature Chambray $595

I saw this bag for the first time during a birthday trip in Palm Springs a couple years ago and I've dreamed about it ever since. They have newer versions that are shaped more like the Tiffany's shopping bag but I still only have eyes for this stunning micro tote.

Tiffany & Co Women's Micro Tote, $1,250

New Apple Watch Band

I haven't had my Apple Watch for very long and I only wear it on walks or when I go running but I feel like this is what people do, get new Apple Watch bands, right? If so, I'd like a unique fashionable one like this thank you very much.

Repurposed Authentic Apple Watch band $74.90+

HRH Jewelry

A friend turned me on to HRH jewelry this year and now I can't wait to get my hands on a piece. The earrings, the bracelets, the necklaces! I can't get enough. Here are just a handful of pieces that I have my eyes on.


Honore Charm Hoops $55

Dream Girl Set $85

Mini Clochette & Claw $82

Clochette Hardware Necklace, $145

(I have plans for this gold bag chain below...More to come soon!)

HRH Prive Bag Chains (GOLD Thick) $95

I know I'm not the only one who has worn my blue light glasses into the ground this year. Spending every waking moment (okay not EVERY, but you get the gist) staring at a computer screen can truly take a toll on these ole eyeballs. That being said, I'm wishing for a new, stylish pair of Blue Light Glasses to continue rocking on my Zoom calls well into 2021.

Blue Light Glasses (Starting at $95)

As a curly haired girl, I'll admit I struggle dealing with 1-3 day old curls. They lose their shape and can become lifeless but at the same time I don't want to wash my hair every single day - first of all who has time, second of all so bad for my poor hairs! That being said, I've started LOVING headbands as a way to style my hair and add a little extra flair to "old" curls. When it comes to headbands, the bigger the better for me! I love this ruffled design from Kitsch.

Kitsch Ruched Chiffon Headband Black $24

It's official, I'm itching for new ear piercings! I recently had to take one of my cartilage piercings out because it's not healing well for whatever reason so all the more reason to get some MORE! If anyone has a piercing artist in the Sacramento area, and I mean an ARTIST - let me know.


I've been hearing my fave YouTuber (Julia Havens) raving about this Bite Beauty Lip Mask for months now and now that the product is available in a lip balm, I am even more interested! I am a true chapstick addict with sticks throughout my home, car, purse, backpack, chapstick everywhere at all times. I can't wait to try out this Bite Beauty Agave + Daytime Lip Balm.

Bite Beauty Agave+ Daytime Lip Balm $14

While I haven't owned any Huda Beauty products before, I've been admiring her eyeshadow palettes for a while and this Gold Obsessions Palette is everything!

Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette, Only Available at Cult Beauty

Perfume is a traditional Christmas gift in my household and one that I always look forward to receiving. While I haven't necessarily been wearing perfume on the daily this year - hello working from home life - I think I'm ready to potentially test out a new scent?! Whether or not I decide to take the plunge, I'm linking my current perfume that I absolutely adore below. I love a strong, somewhat masculine, scent.

Versace Crystal Noir $78 for 1.7 oz

No surprise here, candles are on my Holiday Wishlist. I've met few candles I don't like truth be told. This Holiday Season I'm hoping for copious amounts of candles, preferably in beautiful containers for me to enjoy burning all year long. Here are some of my favorite scents from Bath & Body Works for reference.

Tree Farm $24.50

Mahogany Teakwood $24.50

Mahogany Balsam $24.50

Champagne Toast $24.50

I discovered the magic that is Le Labo a few years back during a birthday trip to Palm Springs. You can read the full blog post about my experience staying at L'Horizon Palm Springs here. They had all Le Labo products in the bathroom and you better believe I took all those sample sizes home with me. I would LOVE to get full-sized Santal 33 products for my home for this Holiday Season.

Le Labo Santal 33 Body Lotion, $70


It should come as no surprise that books are on my Holiday wish list. While I have MANY on the wish list, I decided to list my top five for you here. Books really are just the best gift aren't they?

Think Like a Monk $15

Reclaiming Conversation $15

Boundless $32.97

Bird by Bird $8.69

Ghost Boy $13.26


I'm a crazy pen lady, what can I say? But I especially love writing with colorful ink. Nothing compares.

Kaco Pens $11.48

Another "Instagram influenced me to do it," kind of moment. I saw SO many of these starry night projectors all over Instagram over the summer and I immediately wanted one. Who knew you could bring the magic of a starry night sky into your own bedroom?!

Star Projector Night Light $36.99

It should come as no surprise that I am ITCHING to get on an international flight like yesterday so I'm officially adding airline gift cards to my wish list. Preferably ones who make international flights LOL.

Whenever the time comes to make my way back to Los Angeles, I am SO excited to get into a new apartment and start decorating. I wouldn't ask people for home decor of course, being that I have a specific style and aesthetic I'm going for but I think it would be great to get a gift card to places like World Market to add to the re-decorating effort. Listing some home decor items I have my eyes on below from World Market.

Bull by Mariusz Moreau Framed Canvas Wall Art, $129.99

Doors of India by Hakat Framed Canvas Wall Art Set of 2, $79.99

Rectangular Vintage Rug Print Pouf, $89.99

Pink Alessia Area Rug, Available in Multiple Sizes, Prices Vary

Probably the most random item on my Holiday Wishlist but I read in bed a ton and I can never seen to get comfortable! I've always wondered if one of these backrest pillows was the answer to all my bed reading problems but I feel like it could be?! Okay plus this product literally has MY NAME in it - how fortuitous is that?!

Ugg Casey Sherpa Backrest Pillow, $49.99

FINALLY! There you have it, my 2020 Holiday Wishlist. Yes, I know that was a doozy of a Wishlist but I created this in the hopes that it would give you lots of ideas to add to your own Holiday Wishlist or maybe to gift other women in your life whose style may be similar to mine.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments either via my Instagram (@almostfabme) or by emailing me directly at I always love hearing from you!

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