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More Mimosas, Please: Brunch at The Commissary

Finally, I birthday brunched! (Never mind the fact that it was two weeks after my actual birthday). I kept the birthday month tradition alive and had my final bday hoorah with bottomless mimosas and #brunchgoals at The Commissary at The Line Hotel last weekend.

Since most of my friends were out of town the weekend of my actual birthday (*cough, cough, thanks guys, *cough), I had to postpone the festivities until a later date. That gave me plenty of time to scope out the unchartered brunch scene (aka spots I haven't yet been to but are on my list) and see who would take a party of 10 for a weekend brunch.

Planning get togethers can seriously be so tough. Not only do you have to ensure that the location is fab and within reason for all your visiting parties but the food has to be decent, parking has to be, you know, doable, and the overall vibes have to be on point.

But from the very beginning, I knew The Commissary was going to be an amazing destination.

I had seen my Instagram feed littered with visits to The Commissary by bloggers and influencers alike and knew I had to visit this greenhouse inspired location. I've also been wanting to visit The Line Hotel but figured this would be a good taste for what the property had to offer.

The restaurant was so accommodating when I was making my reservation, moving the available time to accommodate myself and my friends at 11am - the perfect brunching hour if you ask me.

While parking was not super ideal, street parking can be limited in Los Angeles on a weekend after all, we parked in the hotel lot which offered valet at $12 for 3 hours with validation. We may have overstayed the 3 hour timeframe but that's another story...

Anyway, Adam and my friend Ali and I were the first to arrive and they couldn't seat us until my entire party was present so we sat at the bar and grabbed drinks. If you exit the bar on the opposite side from where you enter the restaurant, The Line Hotel pool is right in front of your eyes. It was a picturesque sunny day, perfect for taking a dip or sunbathing on a rooftop pool. Note to self: bring swimsuit next time.

Image via Create & Cultivate - 10 Best Instagrammable Spots at The Line Hotel.

After about 30 minutes - it's LA, no one's ever on time - the gang was all there and we were seated at our community style table. On this particular day they had a DJ spinning in the corner of the restaurant which added a fun but not overpowering to the point where I can't hear myself think, edge to our brunch. While they offer a weekend brunch buffet for $37, I was by no means prepared to eat that excessively so I opted for the french toast (#treatyoself) instead. And bottomless mimosas too, don't forget those.

We visited and drank while we waited for our food and took in the magical scenery around us. I'm not kidding, this place is straight out of a fairy tale. With the light hitting the ceiling just right, the variety of hanging greenery ignites the sky in this wonderland brunch destination. Pictures don't even do it justice!

The food was a big hit with everyone present and while I was a few mimosas deep at this point, my french toast filled my grumbling stomach.

One by one my friends with prior afternoon engagements took off and left myself, Adam, Ali and my girlfriend and her boyfriend behind. We all shared the same mindset that we were going to get our $25 worth of mimosas and that we did.

We sipped and chatted, complained about not having swimsuits to take a dip in the pool and extended our stay at The Commissary.

5 hours later, we made our way back to the car (don't worry, the non-mimosa drinker was driving) with plans to head to Pump but our mimosa infused sleepy selves said otherwise. It was nap time.

10/10 would recommend The Commissary. The scenery, the food, the drinks, everything is absolutely spectacular. Definitely plan on visiting in the summertime as the ambiance is half (okay more than half) the experience.

I cannot wait to go back and this time I plan on taking my swimsuit and enjoying my bottomless by the pool.

(Originally Published June 29, 2017)

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