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Milk Bar Brings the Best Freaking Cookie and More Dessert Must-Haves to Melrose

Another new post and believe it or not, another new dessert destination review. Shocking, I know. I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the ground...good? Okay, let's get to the sweet stuff! Pun intended.

Recently I visited the new kid on the block, Milk Bar Los Angeles. With numerous fans of the brand and most importantly of founder Christina Tosi, the grand opening of Milk has had Angelinos in anxious anticipation.

The success of the official grand opening was evidenced by the numerous social media posts featuring lines wrapped around the building and dozens of anxious customers. While I planned on attending the grand opening, my schedule didn't permit me to and I'm kind of glad - that place was poppin! And there's a good chance I would have gotten rather hangry waiting for the opportunity to order my dessert.

Nevertheless, I cleared my schedule and visited the following weekend where a line filled with anxious customers still stretched outside the building. From the moment we arrived, my Milk Bar experience was impeccable. Located on Detroit and Melrose, just beyond La Brea, you pull down a side street where you're greeted by believe it or not - street parking (pause for dramatic effect).

Upon finding a parking spot just beyond Milk, we walked down the sidewalk and were immediately greeted by a giant pink wall with a HUGE picture of a piece of confetti cake on it. Hello photo moment! After snapping a few shots for the 'gram, we found our place in line.

Most of what I'm about to say is going to sound ridiculous but just stick with me here okay? It's all part of that impeccable experience I mentioned.

So while the line stretched outside the front doors and wrapped down the sidewalk in the mini strip mall location, it was all situated in the shade! Given how hot it's been in Los Angeles lately this was a huge win. Okay, small win but you get where I'm going with this.

The employees were extremely friendly and walked down the line of anxious customers handing out not only menus but SAMPLES! SAMPLES!! They passed out their fan favorite Cereal Milk Soft Serve with Cornflake Crunch which I wasn't a huge fan of myself but I think because it resembled legit cereal and milk too much. Also it felt very heavy in the dairy department which as a non-dairy person was a bit much.

Nevertheless, another huge win with the free samples. Plus they passed them out of their very own Milk food truck painted pink with palm trees. Loved the nod to its new SoCal home.

We perused the menu and made our selections as we continued making our way closer and closer to inside the building. Once we finally made it inside, we were greeted by a large room filled with about 30 people dressed in aprons making their own confetti cake concoctions. I noticed a schedule on the floor to ceiling glass doors that listed various baking classes held throughout the month. *Mental note to self to check that out.*

Also, how dangerous is that?! Making your very own picturesque, scrumptous, confetti cake to take home! I mean I certainly wouldn't mind enjoying a nice slice of cake before bed for weeks to come but I think my waistline may...

FINALLY we made it inside! The register was in site and my stomach was now grumbling at this point - it was ready for some serious treats!

Alongside the baking room to the left of where we were standing in line was some Milk merchandise in addition to pre-made treats for purchase like cookies and truffles. I challenge you to walk out of that place purchasing just one thing, seriously. Please report back with tips and tricks if you're able to do so.

I snagged a BFC (best freaking cookie) to go and a Milk pin for my backpack and prepared for the shining moment of the day, ordering my Milk Bar goodies. Granted it only took about 45 minutes to get to the front of the line but boy was I ready. I ordered a Babyquake Chocolate Malt Cake shake and only waited maybe five minutes before said Babyquake was in hand.

My mouth is legitimately watering as I reenact this very moment in my mind.

It was not only the perfect mini sized milkshake (hence the term babyquake) but it was just sheer perfection in every which way. It was rich and chocolatey with chunks of chewy cake bites throughout and satisfied my sweet tooth immediately.

While I also took a cookie and piece of confetti cake home - you know, so I could properly assess the entire offering. Research if you will. - my Chocolate Malt Cake shake was by far my favorite.

Milk Bar is an amazing addition to the neighborhood and a destination this dessert lover may or may not be frequenting...Let's be real, we all know it'll be the former rather than the latter...

(Originally Published on October 11, 2018)

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