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Now that we've closed the chapter on Christmas 2020, it's time to ready ourselves for the impending New Year. I think it's safe to assume that there's a shared level of anticipation for 2021 (for obvious reasons). While going from 2019, into the Roaring 2020's seemed like a promising start to a new chapter and decade, well, we all know how that turned out...LOL.

While we're of course still going to be dealing with a lot of the same trials and tribulations we faced in 2020 as we inch our way in 2021, there's just something so promising about starting fresh with a New Year. New Year's Eve is actually my favorite holiday so while I'm a little disappointed to not be celebrating in the "traditional" fashion, there's still certain New Year's traditions that I'm definitely going to uphold and honor - no matter the circumstances.

My most treasured New Year's tradition started back when I was in Kindergarten which is now over 20 years ago! I grew up calling them Dream Boards but I know they're often referred to as Vision Boards or Mood Boards, or just plain ole collages. No matter what you call them, to me, creating a Dream Board is an integral part of starting the New Year off right.

Having grown up making an annual vision board, it's of course a tradition I look forward to every December/January and while I'll miss creating it with friends this year, that doesn't make the creation process any less important.

Sure, I would consider myself somewhat of an "expert" - I mean after making over 20 of them I would HOPE that I would have the process down by now - but that being said, I know it's not something everyone is as familiar or comfortable with. The process of creating a Dream Board is not only time consuming but can be quite intimidating. Not to mention the fact it turns into a bit more of a chore if you don't have all the "tools" at the ready. That alone can turn into the best excuse NOT to create one - am I right?

With that in mind, I decided to create something to help others (like YOU!) finally bring their very own Vision Board to life. Enter - The Dream Board Kit. For just $25, you can purchase your very own Dream Board Kit complete with poster board (half size or full size as requested), 5 magazines, 4 sheets of stickers and a glue stick. Upon request I'm happy to source specific stickers, include scissors in your kit and even a composition notebook should you decide to create a Dream Journal (more on that later) instead of or in addition to a Dream Board.

Now, I'm going to go through my process for creating a Dream Board but please know there is absolutely no right or wrong way to create these. As mentioned earlier, I know that sometimes starting is the hardest part so that being said I wanted to provide some tips and tricks to help you bring yours to life this year.

Step 1: First, I go through ALL of my magazines and rip out anything that speaks to me. From inspirational words to beautiful scenes and everything in between - anything that sparks something within me and what I hope to manifest in the upcoming year, I rip out the entire page from the magazine.

Step 2: Cut everything out from the pages you've collected through your magazine search.

Step 3: With poster board in hand, I usually like to lay everything down first. This gives you the freedom to move things around, layer stuff on top of each other, take pieces away, etc. before committing to laying them down in that specific place.

Step 4: Glue! If you're like me and like the look of layers and things stacked on top of each other then this can be the most challenging (and time consuming) step. But hang in there - you're almost to the finish line!

Step 5: Hang your Dream Board somewhere where you will see it and be reminded of your goals for the year every single day.

As mentioned earlier, that is the process that I go through for creating my Dream Board. I'll be the first to admit, it's a time consuming process but boy is that finished product worth every minute.

In addition to the aforementioned steps for creating your own Dream Board this year, I wanted to provide some tips and tricks to guide you through this process. Whether this is your first or fifteenth Dream Board, I hope you find some useful guidance in the below recommendations.

*There's NO right or wrong way to create your Vision Board.

*Don't be afraid to fill up the page. Layers, images and words on top of each other - Have fun with it!

*What images, words, scenes, etc. SPARK something in you? - Use those!

*Think about the things you want to manifest in 2021. Here are some examples of specific areas of your life to consider: health, relationships, money, school/career, etc.

*Put it in an area in your house in which you're going to see it every day!

*Vocalize your Dream Board to an accountability partner and vice versa. You can keep each other in check all year long!

*Date it on the back and take a photo of it to keep in your memories for years to come.

Now let's quickly touch on that Dream Journal I mentioned earlier. This is my first year playing with this new medium and I have to say I really enjoyed it! Upon request, I will include a blank composition notebook in your Dream Board Kit for an additional $3 or, I will create a custom dream journal for you - 1 for $15 or 2 for $25. See below for some fun examples.

I like the Dream Journal as an offering especially for those of you who aren't yet comfortable creating an entire Dream Board. The process is virtually the same, from ripping things out of magazines, to cutting them out and then laying them down on the front AND back of the composition notebook before gluing them in place. The only difference here is the last step which involves layering clear packing tape over the journal - front to back - creating almost a lamination layer on the journal and keeping everything in place as you use your notebook for years to come.

The Dream Journal is especially great too because it's something you will use and therefore see on a pretty regular basis. I love creating both, but as a writer, this was a fun new creation for me this year and one that I'm excited to share with each of you!

And there you have it - all the helpful pieces of advice I've picked up over years of creating an annual Dream Board (and now Dream Journal, too!). I know something like this is often easier said than done. It's easy for us to see Vision Boards in other people's homes and admire what it represents and hope to create something like this for our own home. However, once we think about all the work that goes into creating something like this, suddenly we're less enchanted by the idea.

Let me help you bring your Vision Board to life this year with my Dream Board Kits. If ever there was a year to start this new tradition for you and your family, this truly is the year. It has been proven that goals are that much more likely to be accomplished if they're physically put down on paper - whether that means writing them out or creating a Dream Board. Need I say more?

Let's manifest the best 2021! Email me at or DM me at @almostfabme to claim your Dream Board Kit today. Whether you're creating yours alone, with family and friends virtually, or whatever it may be, I'm looking forward to providing the tools necessary to create your own Dream Board. Message me, today!

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