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Let's Brunch About It: Superba Food + Bread

Another weekend behind us and a new brunch spot checked off the list. This week featured a Westside favorite - Superba Food + Bread.

I woke up Sunday morning and realized I had forgotten to make a reservation for our Sunday breakfast. Which if you live in LA you know can sometimes mean long waits at coveted brunch spots. Brunch is the new black after all.

Anyway, after perusing some of the options on my "Must Try Brunch" list, I decided on Superba Food + Bread. The menu looked fab and it helped that it would be a quick drive for us. The heat wave was already upon us at 9am so staying on the Westside would be ideal - thank you ocean breezes!

While the location on Lincoln in Venice was booked for the day, thankfully there were plenty of openings at the El Segundo location at The Point. We hadn't been to The Point in a while so I was excited for the excuse to pop over there and walk around a bit after enjoying our brunch.

We arrived at our 11am brunch reservation and were seated right away behind a table of 20 trendy Los Angeles teenage girls celebrating someone's birthday. Oh the days when I had that many friends I could birthday brunch with. *Sigh.*

The interior of the building was illuminated by the outdoor natural light and the vaulted ceilings. We saw next to the kitchen which was an open concept with the walls into it covered in glass windows. Our waiter attended to us right away and gave us the spiel on Superba Food + Bread as well as his personal recommendations.

We started with an iced Matcha latte for me and a beer for Adam - I skipped out on my Sunday mimosa this time around, when I find a Matcha, I MUST try it. Believe it or not the waiter was able to convince me to try the breakfast sandwich. Not only was that his breakfast recommendation but he indicated that the bread is made fresh every morning in house.

While I don't eat bread, I wanted the experience of this restaurant and it was the weekend so I cut myself some slack.

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Adam went with his usual, the breakfast burrito. Just as I'm on a mission to try every Matcha latte when I can get my hands on it, Adam is on a mission to try every breakfast burrito he can find. It's become a game now where I ask where each burrito falls in the ranking.

As we waited for our food I made note of the interior of the building. The industrial vibe was beautifully coupled with a full service bar which gave a vintage, old world feel. It was a sunny, picturesque day in El Segundo, and the perfect day to be at Superba Food + Bread.

In no time at all, our food was before us and we were beyond ready to dig in. As expected, my breakfast sandwich was a bit on the messy side but it was delicious with a little added spice to it. One thing I would note is I'm not a huge fan of kale on warm sandwiches. It makes for some soggy lettuce which tends to be difficult to bite in to.

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My side of crispy potatoes was crisped to perfection - just like I like it.

Adam was a fan of his breakfast burrito, devouring it right before my eyes. The only thing he would have changed was adding meat to his morning meal but I guess that's where his side of bacon came in.

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All in all I would definitely recommend Superba Food + Bread. As far as trendy LA brunch spots goes, it's pretty lowkey but still offers a delightful ambiance and simple but delicious food. I will definitely be back and next time, I'm having a mimosa dangit!

(Originally Published July 12, 2017).

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