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It Was a D-A-Y! (Day 19)

I should have known today was going to be a wild one. For starters, I was woken up by my dog biting me. Yes, you read that correctly, my 16 pound pug BIT me in her sleep at 1 o’clock this morning. Following the unexpected biting episode I tried to fall back asleep for no less than two hours. Eventually I managed to drift off back into a deep slumber but was promptly woken up after an incredibly bizarre, very unrealistic nightmare which sent me into a fit of tears upon waking up once again.

It was destined to be one of those days. Before the day even started!

As the day progressed my concerns were realized. It wasn’t a ‘bad day’ per say but a bit of a trying one. I‘m writing this blog post at 9:15pm, fighting to keep my eyes open and feeling overwhelmed at the responsibility of having to pack my suitcase for my trip back to Sacramento tomorrow. Packing is the worst. Late night packing is a level of hell reserved for only the most deserving procrastinators. Myself included in this particular situation.

Today was a trying day. It tested me. Emotionally. Nevertheless, beyond its aforementioned trials and tribulations, today was also a good day. At least I’m trying to focus on that aspect of it. Today marked an integral and quite pivotal turning point in my life. One that I’m still processing and feeling overwhelmed by but deep down I know it’s good. It’s a good thing that’s come from a seemingly not so good day.

I‘m closer and closer (thank goodness) to laying my head on the pillow and calling it a wrap on this Tuesday, praying that I won’t wake up with another bite mark in my back from an apparently vicious 10-year-old pug but I’m also about to go to bed feeling grateful. The universe works in mysterious ways my friends. I challenge you to approach your ‘bad days’ through a new lens. What kind of success is your bad day setting you up for? What has to be torn down internally or externally in order for you to find the strength and wherewithal in yourself to build it back up?

My rebuilding starts today and I can’t wait to see what masterpiece I create.

#30DaysofBlogging #Day19

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