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Introducing - Almost Fabulous Me Greeting Cards!

Updated: May 18, 2021

You know how they say the best ideas coming to you while you're in the shower? While I would most certainly agree, I also feel like some of my best ideas come to me while I'm out in nature. Since the start of the pandemic, I have spent infinitely more time in nature than I traditionally have before. At a time when there wasn't much else to do other than be outside, I leaned all the way in to becoming an outdoorsy kind of gal. Last year, at the end of each work day I would grab my headphones and head out for a run or walk to signal the end of the working day and let my mind wander. It was during these times that I had some of those brilliant ideas and I'm so very grateful to finally be sharing one of those with you, today!

For the last year and some change, I've lived vicariously through the hundreds of travel photos stored in my phone from my trips over the years both big and small. Once my first, then second, third, and you know the drill, flights were cancelled in 2020, I turned to memories of trips passed. It was during that reminiscence that I stumbled upon dozens of pictures of doors I captured while in Paris, France in 2019. I remember traipsing around the city with my friends proclaiming "door tour!" and capturing door after beautiful European door. Turns out they have quite a few there if you could believe it?

Just as much as I treasured those moments memorialized forever in those door photos, I wanted to be able to share the joy and inspiration they brought to me with others. I knew that if I could look at a picture of a captivating door and be transported to a different time and place, perhaps even constructing a story about that open or closed door, then others could too. So I set out to figure a way to share that inspiration with others at a time when we needed inspiration more than anything...

As someone who loves to write and receive cards I decided classic greeting cards would be the perfect way to share these photographs with the world. Putting these pictures on blank greeting cards meant the audience could decide the story. They could write the plot. Was this a card for a friend embarking on a new adventure? Or perhaps to let someone know you're thinking about them? Maybe it would be a card to a family member for their birthday, reminiscing on the travels you've shared together and the beautiful sights you've witnessed in each others company. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

Which lends itself to the images of the doors themselves. Why doors? Well first of all, they're absolutely exquisite. I can't say I've ever seen quite as many doors of that stature, elegance or design in the United States. In addition, I love what doors represent. Throughout time there have been numerous quotes about doors and for good reason. Whether closed or open, a door can represent so much both literally as well as metaphorically speaking.

I've really taken the time to ensure this product is premium for you. Whether keeping these cards for yourself, or sharing them with others as a gift perhaps, I can guarantee that each set of cards is infused with my inspiration, passion and love. Each set of 6 greeting cards comes with an insert talking more about my first official set of greeting cards captured in Paris, France in 2019. (Keeping reading below for the full inspiration).

In the meantime, if you're interested in purchasing a set of my greeting cards, please send me a direct email at You can also check out my Instagram to see the variety of doors offered in this first edition of greeting cards (yes, that means there's more to come!). For $25 you will receive 6 of these beautiful, one of a kind greeting cards and be transported through a door of endless possibility...

(AlmostFabMe -- First Edition Greeting Card Insert Inscription Below)

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." Saint Augustine

It is through exploring unfamiliar places and immersing myself in different cultures and new adventures that I feel most alive. Travel feeds my soul. In an attempt to extend the transformative power of travel beyond a snapshot in time, I wanted to create something long-lasting with my travel photography. At the beginning of 2020 I found myself escaping through old travel photos when I stumbled upon numerous doors I captured during my time in Paris in 2019. I was immediately transported to that time and place and transfixed by the charm of these images.

Each door is unique. Each possesses its own beauty and more importantly each possesses its own story. Now, more than ever, I appreciate what doors represent. Doors can represent closing one chapter, or they can represent the complete opposite. Behind each door is a new opportunity. Whether that be a new path to explore personally or professionally, opening the proverbial door opens your mind's eye to the opportunities that await you. Whether you find yourself closing one chapter or exploring the next, I hope these cards can act as inspiration for you as they did for me. More importantly, may we never be afraid of opening the door...

(See below for the 24 different images available to select from).

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