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I Moved Back Home with My Mom

While I like to share a lot of things on Instagram and keep all my adoring fans (hey you - that's YOU!) updated on my life, I'm realizing that Instagram doesn't always fall over into the blog. That being said, I'm here today (omg SO formal of me) to bring a very important update to those of you who perhaps didn't catch the 4-1-1 on the ole Instagram (@almostfabme - again, shameless plug all day every day) - I MOVED HOME WITH MY MOM!

Yes, you read that correctly. I am officially a 27 year old woman living at home with my mom. Not in the house that I grew up in but the town that I grew up in - Sacramento. Sweet, home SacTown.

It's funny how different things are when you come back as an adult to the place you spent formidable years of your young life. So many things I never noticed, traits of the town, the people in the town, that went unnoticed and now, girl I am noticing! I think it's important to note it's both good and bad things - right? Of course when I lived here last I was a very different person, in a different point in my life and with less life experiences so to speak than I have at 27. I know, I'm so worldly and knowledgeable in my advanced age. LOL.

So how did I get here you may ask? A great question might I add. Essentially, COVID happened. Need I say more? I feel like all of us can and do use that as an "excuse" or "reason" for just about everything that's happened this year.

Earlier in the year when we officially started working from home, I found myself alone in my Los Angeles apartment thinking about taking advantage of some time at home, in Sacramento, with my mom. I made the six hour drive with my co-pilot, my eight-year-old pug, Coco and one suitcase full of Winter clothes. I expected to be there maybe 2-3 weeks tops as I waited on word from my company about the return to work.

Well, fast forward seven or so months later and I think we all know how that turned out...

After a few months at home with my mom at the beginning of the year, my boyfriend joined us once his school moved to an online model and we headed back to Los Angeles to spend the summer months. While it wasn't a traditional SoCal Summer by any means, I was grateful for my time at home in LA, and more importantly with my better half who had no expectation at the beginning of the year of spending the Summer in Los Angeles.

Toward the end of Summer came a very important decision for me - the decision whether or not to renew my lease or move to a new apartment in LA and take on the cost of a Southern California apartment by myself (I mean that's the real kicker) since my better half would be returning to the Midwest to finish his final semester. In conversation with one of my friends, she flippantly mentioned putting my stuff in storage and moving home with my mom. HOW HAD I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!?

What transpired then over the course of the next month involved me making the arrangements to end my lease, going through things, packing, cleaning, finding a storage unit and making a plan of attack to officially move home (!!!!). Once I found out that we're working from home at least through the end of the calendar year, I knew I had made the right decision. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Was this an easy decision to make? Heck no! Did it involve a lot of back and forth, plenty of anxiety, lots of second-guessing myself on the daily - YOU BET. However, I thoroughly weighed all of my options and made the best decision for M-E in that moment given the information I had available.

2020 has been a CHALLENGE. Don't get me wrong. However, despite all of these challenges each and every one of us has faced and continues to face, there's also been a lot of surprisingly great things this year. For one, what I thought was just a gift of a few months at home with my mom at the beginning of the year turned into 75% of the year at home with my mom. What graduated, grown-adult is fortunate enough to spend this precious time at home with their family? Yes, I said fortunate enough - I truly am G-R-A-T-E-F-U-L!

I know I am extremely fortunate to not only have family so close to where I traditionally live (only a six hour drive or one hour flight), but to have family who welcomed me home with open arms. Turns out "moving home with your parents," isn't always the horrible thing it's made out to be! (At least not yet, lol kidding, hi mom!).

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