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I Did It!! (Day 30)

I did it! I blogged every single day for thirty days STRAIGHT! If you’re reading this and you’ve been me with on this journey since the beginning (thirty days ago), I thank you. If you haven’t, and you’re just now reading my blog, wellllll, you have a lot of catching up to do. Kidding kidding.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been thirty days of sitting down at my computer, like clockwork, at the end of a work day, thinking of something to write about. Some days were easier than others, don’t get me wrong, but all in all I’m proud of myself for doing it. I put my mind to something and I accomplished it even if it meant staying up late to write a post or writing when I felt tired or when I felt like doing anything but writing. I told myself I would write every day for thirty days and that’s exactly what I did!

For this last post I wanted to reflect on the overall experience of writing every day for thirty days, to look back on what I perhaps learned about myself or my craft. The biggest lesson for me, well, maybe not a lesson so much as a surprise was that I could do it! (And it was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be!) When I first started I remember feeling like it was going to be the longest month thinking of things to write about every day. I even wrote out a list of potential topics for those days when my mind was drawing a blank and I didn’t feel like I had anything poignant to share. You know what? I never once referenced that list. Not once! Sure I looked back on it to remember what I had put down as thought starters but each day I sat down and let it flow. Suddenly five paragraphs later I had a fully fledged blog post written out.

As much as it was easier than I expected it to be, I’m not sure I would continue the streak or do it again any time soon. Just being honest over here! It definitely felt forced at times. I mean the only reason I was writing a blog post most days was because I had a goal to achieve, not because I had anything particularly meaningful to share. I definitely have moments where I feel like writing, where writing feels like the only medicine that will cure the chatter in my mind or the feelings weighing heavy on my heart. As you can probably imagine, not every day was that way for me over the course of this last month.

Nevertheless, I’m proud of myself for doing it. It gave me a goal to focus on in the month of July, to challenge myself with and to help distract me from some of the other noise happening in my life. It also helped me loosen the reigns on my writing practice a little bit. My perfectionist tendencies definitely come out when I’m blogging which can preclude me from writing as much as I probably should. Giving myself the space and freedom to sit down at the keys and just flow was really important. There’s a lot mulling around in my brain just begging to get out on paper and to be shared with the world and this last month gave me a beautiful opportunity to do just that.

I certainly hope you enjoyed consistent blog posts from Almost Fabulous Me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being along for this journey. And to be honest, I would highly recommend setting a personal challenge for yourself. It doesn’t have to be writing of course but what’s something you’d like to do for thirty days straight? Perhaps daily walks? Drinking three bottles of water? Saying something kind to yourself every day in the mirror?! Sometimes all it takes is thirty days to establish a new routine or habit in your life - let’s make it a good one. You can do anything you put your mind to!

#30DaysofBlogging #Day30 (!!!)

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