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Goal Setting in the New Year (2018)

Well, it only took me approximately 20 days into the new year to finish my goal setting and vision board - better late than never, right? My mom always tells me that she gives herself until her birthday (January 20) to complete her vision board and goal setting so I'm officially going off her calendar this year.

This was my first year hosting my own vision board (dream board as I like to call it) party. Growing up, my mom and I always had people over - she would have her mom friends over and their daughters would tag along - to eat, drink and make dream boards. I looked forward to it every year.

At the end of the numerous hours spent going through magazines, cutting things out that represented our goals for the upcoming year and chit chatting along the way, we each had to get up and "present" the items depicted on our board. It was like creating a room full of accountability partners. Genius!

Side note: this is also the best way to get rid of a year's worth of magazines - I'm a magazine hoarder, what can I say. But this way I can go back through each magazine and rip out anything I found particularly inspiring or noteworthy. And then immediately feel 10 pounds lighter after tossing them in the recycling bin.

2017 Dream Board

This was the first year I decided to invite a few people over to take part in the festivities. Not knowing how they would react to my yearly tradition, I mentioned having a vision board party at my house inclusive of hors d'oeuvres, wine and great company. I was so excited to have my invitation graciously accepted!

It's truly an eye-opening experience to be able to gather together with your friends and get an idea of what they're hoping to achieve in the coming year. And like I said, you can then hold them accountable and vice versa throughout the course of the new year.

In addition to creating a dream board, which is a wonderful physical representation of your hopes and dreams for the year (and should be placed in a public, visible place that you will see EVERY day), I like to write down at least 10 goals for the new year.

2018 Dream Board.

Over the past three weeks I've been giving my goals some serious thought. Last year I wrote down 17 goals for 2017 and I'm sorry to say I don't think I accomplished even half of them.

However, in reviewing last year's goals, I realized that they weren't all specific goals. For example, I had "learn something new every day." While this is a great life goal and guiding light, it's not really specific and tangible. Maybe I did learn something new every day, maybe I didn't - who knows!

2017 Goals – Much too vague!

This year I held myself to a higher standard of goal setting.

As a result, here are my 10 goals for 2018.

1). New job!

2). Run a half marathon

3). Read 18 books

4). Create 2nd source of income

5). Get 3 new blog partnerships

6). Take a vacation!

7). Learn calligraphy/lettering

8). Bring my savings to (x amount)

9). Re-do second bedroom in my apartment

10). Lose x pounds

What are your goals for 2018?! Let's hold each other accountable to making this the best year yet!

(Originally Published January 24, 2018)

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