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Gift Ideas for Yours Truly on Valentine's Day

Last weekend I visited the most feminine and beautiful retail space, For Love and Lemons, on La Cienega in Los Angeles and it got me to thinking about one of my favorite holidays, Valentine's Day. The space screams soft and girly and is not only major closet goals but it's also interior goals. Everywhere I turned I couldn't help but think "I would love to get anything in this store for Valentine's Day." (*Hint hint*).

Thus, the inspiration for this post.

Valentine's Day is a holiday that brings out strong reactions from both sides of the aisle. And by that I mean those who vehemently hate the so called "Hallmark Holiday" and those who celebrate it for all its ooey gooey lovey dovey stuff. I must say I fall on the latter end of the spectrum. I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day. Now before you get to judging me as the basic white girl I can often seem to be, hear me out.

Growing up, my Mom and Grandma and I always had an affinity for hearts and the colors pink and red. Of course this led us to have a shared love for February 14th which I have carried with me to this day.

While I know the vast majority of individuals don't share my affinity for VDay, in fact I think it brings plenty of despair to the men out there, I would like to make this year's celebration a bit easier for you men (and women) out there and offer some gift ideas for your beloved.

1). Literally anything from For Love and Lemons. In particular there are some amazing lingerie sets as well as stunning evening dresses. I'm not kidding, you can't go wrong in this store.

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2). Dinner and a Show - Plan an evening! Simply taking charge and planning an evening for your significant other and yourself to go out and enjoy each other's company goes a long way. It shows that you care and took initiative to plan a romantic Valentine's Day.

3). Jewelry. This is always a winner for Valentine's Day. Bonus points if you get something that holds a special meaning for you two lovebirds.

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4). Breakfast in Bed. Similar to taking charge and planning an evening, breakfast in bed is such a simple gesture that goes a long way. While you're at it, bring your SO their favorite flower to decorate the tray. Show that you actually do pay attention.

5). Weekend Getaway in Wine Country. If you live in Los Angeles like I do, you know we're close to great wine country - Temecula and Santa Barbara are a quick car drive away. There are some great Bed and Breakfasts or Air BnB's in both places that could offer a romantic getaway for you and your loved one.

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If you haven't caught on already, I'm all about the experience when it comes to gifts. To me, the thought and effort that goes in to a gift goes a lot farther than the price tag. The same rings true for a vast majority of women. At the end of the day we want to feel like you not only listen but you care enough to have put the time into thinking about the perfect gift. Whether that's something that can be bought in a store or not.

Don't get me wrong, some day I would love to open up that Cartier box and find the love lock bracelet, but for now anything personal and meaningful makes my heart smile every Valentine's Day.

(Originally Published January 28, 2018)

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