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If you're anything like me, then you've likely seen the infamous hashtag on numerous influencers Instagrams for years and years and wondered what the heck it means?! However, if you're smart, and I know you are you smart little cookie you, you likely deduced that okay, if I "Like" this post, that means I'm going to "Know" about it - right?!?

Well friends, today I'm here to dispel the rumors, wash away any uncertainty, clear the air and finally spill the tea on this app that many of us have admired from afar and thought to be only accessible to "influencers." Hopefully this blog post will help answer any questions you may have about the app and and you'll walk away feeling confident using it yourself to find the best in home, beauty, fashion and more!

Let's get down to business...

What Is It?? -- "The app is the single largest influencer shopping app," to put it in so few words, according to the website. One of my favorite things to do on Instagram and YouTube is see what some of my most beloved influencers are buying whether it's for their home or to spruce up their Fall Fashion. gives you direct access "to shop millions of products styled by, on, and for real people. Right at your fingertips, everything in the app is 100% shoppable, so you can instantly shop whatever catches your eye."

Amber Venz Box, Co-Founder and President of rewardStyle and, launched the company in 2011 with her husband and it's now home to over "45,000 influencers publishing with rewardStyle and" Thanks to the platform, Amber Venz Box and her husband have "empowered men and women of all sizes, shapes, and styles to make a living doing what they love—inspiring others." Now that my friends, is EXACTLY what I love doing and I truly couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to do just that with my AlmostFab community through

Okay, I kinda get it. But what about this rewardStyle? -- So - you remember that, right? (Only kidding of course) -- is powered by rewardStyle. is the fun, social shopping platform where you can track down what your favorite influencers are wearing and rewardStyle is what helps make that happen essentially. RewardStyle is the platform forming the relationships with these retail brands and then inviting bloggers to promote these brands by linking products using their specific affiliate links. That means that bloggers - like myself - earn a small commission whenever their followers make a purchase using their specific affiliate link (thank you in advance!).

Well that's cool! Can I do it, too?! -- I'm sorry to say, as you may have guessed, rewardStyle and are invite only platforms. I feel extremely fortunate to have been invited to apply for the program and am even more excited to share items I love and swear by with all of you!

So, why do I care? What does this have to do with ME? -- If you've ever seen something on Instagram (or any other social site really) and immediately fallen in love and wanted to make a purchase right then and there, THIS is the app for you. allows you to track down those items you love and purchase them for yourself. Hey, you can even help support a micro-influencer's "future house-fund" along the way (*cough, cough. It's me, I'm the micro-influencer with the future house-fund*).

Casey, I'm hooked. Where do I sign up? -- I thought you'd never ask! Lucky for you, I'm going to link some step-by-step instructions (visual ones at that!) for you below so you can download the app and discover the magic of for yourself - today!

Step 1: ALWAYS STAY UP TO DATE. Look out for the below icon on my IG Highlights if you ever have any questions about the app and/or want to revisit looks I've posted.

Step 2: DOWNLOAD. Download the app in the app store (see below for what the icon should look like upon selecting for download).

Step 3: FOLLOW. Arguably the most important step, follow ME @almostfabme in the app. You can also search for some of your other favorite influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. and follow them to get direct access to all the items they've linked as well. When I first signed into the app they had a plethora of Influencers already queued up as suggestions for me to follow which I really appreciated too.

Step 4: SEARCH. Search is the best way to find a specific item you're looking for. Be as specific as possible when using the product search to ensure you're able to really narrow in on exactly what you're looking for and don't get discouraged by the thousands of results. We've all been there, am I right??

Step 5: SHOP. And just like that you can shop all of my looks featured in my posts in addition to my favorites. As you can see below, I've already added some favorites to my various folders such as Beauty, Fall Fashion and For the Home.

Step 6: SAVE. If you're not ready to make a purchase just yet, you can always save items to your wish list or create folders that you'll have access to whenever you are ready to take the plunge or you can share with your friends if you're in need of that second opinion.

See, not too bad, right? Be sure to download the app today using the steps above and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have either through my Instagram (@almostfabme) or by shooting me an email at I would love to hear from you!

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