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Celebrating #NationalDessertDay at The Bigg Chill

This last weekend was all about spontaneous adventure and I was loving every minute of it! Especially considering one of those spontaneous adventures involved a trip to The Bigg Chill frozen yogurt on #nationaldessertday nevertheless.

Beyond it's infamous neon sign I had virtually no idea what to expect of this Insta famous frozen yogurt spot. As we pulled up to the little strip mall (parking sucks btw - you've been forewarned) I realized that The Bigg Chill was actually a pretty small mom and pop froyo shop.

So not what I expected!

Upon entering, you're immediately greeted by that beautiful neon sign. Thankfully there was no one sitting near it when we walked in so I snapped my photos ASAP. The rest of the shop is very nondescript. There's a small section near the counter where they have other random snacks - cookies, chips, bars, etc. - similar to a nicer LA liquor store.

We proceeded to the counter and checked out the offering while the people in front of us ordered. They had about 6-8 flavors to choose from. Neither of asked for samples as we were both confident with our decisions - what can I say, we know our frozen yogurt/ice cream.

Adam chose vanilla with rainbow sprinkles and snow caps while I got chocolate macaron froyo, blue and pink sprinkles and cookie dough chunks.

WOW (insert heart eye emojis here).

That was honestly some of the best froyo I've EVER had. The chocolate macaron flavor was unlike any I've ever tasted. It tasted like what brownies would taste like if you turned them into frozen yogurt - need I say more?!

From the time we sat down to enjoy our midday treat, the door was opening and closing with customers. No one really stayed and ate their dessert though so it was never super packed inside but they had a steady flow of froyo lovers coming in and out. Thankfully making froyo concoctions takes no time at all so there wasn't really any wait to speak of.

One thing I would note is in typical old school, mom and pop shop fashion, The Bigg Chill is cash only. There's a small ATM machine in the back corner but if you want to avoid incurring any additional fees, bring cash!

My trip to The Bigg Chill was a Bigg success and you can bet I'll be back!

(Originally Published October 16, 2017)

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