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Best of Los Angeles Coffee

Coffee and I have a very funny relationship.

Believe it or not, I actually didn't start drinking coffee until I had graduated college and was in the working world. Maybe that doesn't come as a surprise to you but yes, I survived college un-caffeinated ... de-caffeinated? Anyway...

I should also note that I have an extremely high tolerance for stimulants. For example, when I was in college a friend of mine and I tried pre-workout for the first time. I was feeling tired after class all day and needed that extra kick in the butt to ensure a good, long workout. We both took the same amount, headed to the gym and got on treadmills next to each other.

Not too far into our run she stopped, grabbed my arm and said "I think my heart is going to explode out of my chest," meanwhile I had felt nothing.


This extremely bizarre trait of mine can be both a blessing and a curse - as I'm sure you can imagine...

Nowadays, coffee is more of an accessory to me. I'm a typical, #basic twenty-four year old as I take my coffee iced with almond milk and no sweetener, occasionally changing things up with an Americano or if I'm feeling really wild, a Dirty Chai Latte.

And yes, I drink iced coffee whether it's 90 degrees outside or 65 and raining. It's a thing!

While I stick to Starbucks to grab my morning coffee on the way to the office, on the occasional weekend outing I enjoy trying new spots in LA.

Here are some of my favorite coffee spots in LA (apart from Starbucks).

1). Intelligentsia.

Image via Intelligentsia Coffee

This Venice hotspot is bustling with coffee connoisseurs and Abbot Kinney locals alike. If you're looking for your dollar cup of black coffee, this is not the place for you but if you're desiring a unique pour in an industrial place with good coffee vibes, you've come to the right place.

2.) Destroyer.

Image via The Infatuation.

Next level coffee snobbery. Destroyer is a new spot in Culver City that has quickly become the talk of the town. Its stark white exterior (and interior) coupled with its digital menu projected on the wall make for a modern destination. Again, not the place for a cheap cup of coffee but boy is it good.

3). Alfred Tea Room or Alfred {Coffee + Kitchen}

Alfred Tea Room; Image via The Hollywood Reporter.

Alfred {Coffee + Kitchen}; Image via Pinterest.

While I prefer the Tea Room, for the purpose of this post I'm including Alfred Coffee as well. Both locations are ridiculously Instagram-worthy and both serve up a mean cup of coffee (or Tea!). This was the first place I went for a Matcha Latte in Los Angeles and I never wanted to leave. The Tea Room is bright and girly with pink and green everywhere and picture worthy moments everywhere you turn. The coffee spot is an interesting contrast as you actually walk down the stairs from the ground level to the coffee room. It's the complete opposite of the tea room with black walls and dark decorations but still equally pic worthy.

4). Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Culver City; Image via Pinterest

With its recent expansion to Playa Vista, Blue Bottle is now near my work AND home and I couldn't be happier. Their cold brew is without a doubt the best I've ever had. The interior is very simplistic but their "blue bottle" marketing is impossible to miss. The also have amazing treats - waffles that are sweet enough on their own WITHOUT syrup and avocado toast to DIE for.

5). Bar Nine

Image via Brunchographers.

This hidden gem in Culver City is my go-to destination for those days I feel like really treating myself. Their cold brew with hazelnut milk is delish and served in a super cute mason jar. Tip: take your mason jars back in on each visit for a free drink - I think you have to take in 10 or 20 jars first, not too sure on specifics as I've actually never successfully done it.

6).  Cognoscenti Coffee Bar

Image via CBS Los Angeles.

Culver City with another win in the coffee department with this minimalist coffee shop. While the decor is nothing to write home about, their coffee certainly is. They serve up a mean almond croissant too!

7). G&B Coffee at Grand Central Market

Image via

First of all if you've never been to Grand Central Market, plan a trip ASAP! It is such a fun food experience and totally worth dealing with all the crazy that comes with an indoor market. Thankfully G&B is located at the end of the market so the crowd is usually manageable. Whatever you do, order the Almond Macadamia Latte. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

8). Smith and Tait

Image via

This is my newest discovery as far as coffee shops go and I'm SO happy to add it to the list. This teeny tiny location in West Hollywood could barely fit 5 people in the store but it's stark white interior is still coffee shop goals. Smith and Tait is home to the Cereal Latte (and Damn Fine Coffee) which in case you didn't know is Cinnamon Toast Crunch on top of a latte - need I say more?

There you have it, some of my coffee shop faves in my home sweet home. From Cinnamon Toast Crunch lattes to delicious cold brews, you truly can't go wrong with any of these spots.

(Originally Posted September 21, 2017)

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