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An Ice Cream Lover's Top 6 Destinations in Los Angeles

If you don't know that I love ice cream, then you don't know me. Ice cream is life (and a food group) I don't care what anyone says. I never crave fries or pancakes or a warm slice of bread, on days where I feel my weakest, it's ice cream I turn to. I've never really been one for fried or "bad" foods but my sweet tooth has always been the thing tempting me to stray from all that is healthy.

While ice cream doesn't technically align with my health conscious lifestyle, it does align with my happiness. It's a special treat that I indulge in every so often and each time I do I only wish I had more of it to eat.

In honor of #NationalIceCreamDay and summertime, which let's face it, every day might as well be #NationalIceCreamDay during the warm Southern California months, I've rounded up my favorite spots to get my favorite dessert in Los Angeles (in no particular order).

1.Diddy Riese, 926 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles.

Image via Pinterest

This was my go to in college. I don't even remember who introduced me to this hotspot near the UCLA campus but boy am I grateful. Yes, there will undoubtedly be a line no matter what day or time you go but it usually moves pretty fast and it is WORTH it! Plus you can't beat an ice cream sandwich for $2.00 (used to be $1.25 when I was in college - now I feel old). Don't forget - Cash only!

Casey's Pick: Candy chocolate chip cookies (M&M's) and cookie dough ice cream sandwich.


2. Sprinkles, 9631 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills 

Image via

While I am also a big fan of cupcakes, imagine my surprise when I visited Sprinkles for the first time and saw ICE CREAM!! Known for its evolving cupcake flavors and that infamous cupcake ATM, Sprinkles has been a major player in the LA dessert game for over a decade. Each cupcake is made to perfection and almost looks too good to eat! Trust me when I say you should definitely eat the cupcakes (and the ice cream!).

Casey's Pick: Sprinkles Sundae - single scoop of ice cream between cupcake top and bottom. 

3. Yogurtland

Image via Facebook.

Believe it or not, sometimes I crave the flavor of frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Yogurtland is my go-to for self-serve frozen yogurt as it's close to my house and the flavors never disappoint. They always feature new, seasonal flavors, including pumpkin pie around the Thanksgiving holiday. While I'm happy to try out the "flavors of the month," I usually stick with what I know best. It's that specific craving after all.

Casey's Pick: Madagascar Vanilla with carob chips and rainbow sprinkles

4. Manhattan Beach Creamery, 1120 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach 

Image via Pinterest.

The mesmerizing aroma of an infinite supply of ice cream (28 flavors to be exact) and sweet treats fills your nostrils as you round the corner toward Manhattan Beach Creamery. Situated in the heart of Manhattan Beach, this destination has been serving the community and tourists alike for years. In 2012, they introduced their famous Cream'wich which can be found at the Creamery and in stores nationwide. Although if you ask me, it's all about the experience at the Creamery.

Casey's Pick: Cookies 'N' Cream ice cream or M&M Cream'wich featuring M&M cookies and vanilla ice cream

5. MILK, 7290 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

Image via

This is my new favorite ice cream and dessert destination. Adam and I stopped here on the way home from a movie one night and I fell in love. *PSA: Late night ice cream stop equals standing in line behind drunkies looking for their sweet fix.* It was near impossible to pick from the array of ice cream, "build your own" ice cream sandwiches, shakes, sundaes and other dessert items. Adam went with a Fruity Pebbles Drumstick (so Instagram worthy) and I believe I chose some red velvet ice cream concoction. I definitely need to plan a trip back here to try more goodies!

Casey's Pick: Spice things up with a Fruity Pebbles Drumstick 

6. Dahlicious Creamery, 4172 Coast Hwy, Torrance

Image via Eat with Hop! blog.

If a photo from Dahlicious Creamery hasn't popped up in your Instagram feed over the last month I am shocked! As with the other rolled ice cream destination I've been to (ICMonster in San Diego), I found out about Dahlicious via social media. Located in a small strip mall in Torrance (about 30-45 minute drive from Los Angeles), Dahlicious Creamery is a small shop made famous for their picturesque rolled ice cream. Adam and I went on a random Saturday after visiting the beach and actually waited in line for an HOUR! Their hours are 12pm-10pm every day and they are BUSY from the moment they open. Add this to your ice cream list right away and get that Instagram poppin' with your rolled ice cream pics.

Casey's Pick: Gimme S'mores (check out my Instagram to see the deliciousness).

That wraps up my top picks for ice cream destinations in Los Angeles. Make sure you add these to your list and share your experiences/photos with me.

Do you have any other favorites not on this list? Share them with me here or on my Instagram!

(Originally Published July 18, 2017)

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