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A Full Moon Epiphany (Day 14)

This morning I woke up right when my alarm went off. No snooze, no desperate yearning for just five more minutes, I did my morning stretch and decided it felt right to greet the day. Right then and there. It does help that the second Coco senses I’m even remotely thinking about waking up she snaps to attention and proceeds to run around the bed, scratching at my face, begging me to get up and feed her. And take her to the bathroom of course but to be honest that’s just a necessary evil keeping her from getting her breakfast.

Anyway, I was up. I was surprised that I was, but I was up. I was surprised because it’s Thursday. By the end of the week I’m usually dragging after being beaten up by another work week. Don’t worry I don’t mean physically (although sometimes it sure feels like it!). Just emotionally and mentally and spiritually, that’s all. LOL. When I lived in LA I used to do Pilates at 5/5:30am every morning Monday through Friday. After a while I decided Wednesday was going to be my ‘off’ day workout wise and let me tell you I needed it! I needed to break up the week with a morning sleeping in. Or at least sleeping in past 4:30am. So yes, the midweek slump is real. It has been for as long as I can remember. For any of us I’m sure.

Either which way, the midweek slump had nothing on me this morning! I was up and moving. I took Coco outside, felt the cool (I use that term lightly, it’s summer in Texas and 80 degrees before the sun’s up) morning breeze on my face, did an encore performance of my morning stretchies and turned around to the most spectacular full moon beaming down on me. Bright as day at 6am this morning. How did I forget about the full moon?!

This wasn’t just any full moon you know? This was the biggest and brightest full moon of the entire year! And it was right there! In front of my own two eyes still moderately glazed over with remnants of last night’s sleepy haze.

I ventured back inside - Coco has no patience for a late breakfast - and after feeding her dashed to the front window to catch another glimpse. This week has been a pretty incredible week out there in the galaxies. The world so very far, far away. First, NASA released images from the James Webb Space Telescope, (if you haven’t seen them I recommend you Google them immediately), and now the biggest and brightest full moon of the year?! What a week! An intergalactic one at that!

(Image via The Guardian)

All of that to say, this phenomenon that greeted me at 6am this morning explains what I’ve been feeling lately and it especially explains it after I looked up what this full moon in Cancer means for my individual sign as a Gemini.

“Get ready for a night of catharsis, Gemini. The full moon is pushing you to part ways with things that no longer serve you or your bigger purpose. It’s also helping you reorganize your priorities and align yourself with your self-worth.” (Bustle)

EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW. I’ve been feeling this insane energy lately that I can only liken to a rebirth. A renaissance of sorts. I feel like I’m coming into my personal power and energy more vividly than I ever have before. I’m truly recognizing the things and people in my life that serve me and the things and people that don’t. And you know what? I’m not afraid to admit it. But more importantly I’m not afraid to recognize that I don’t need the things or people in my life who don’t serve me. I don’t need that energy in my life and I don’t want to continue down a path shadowed by misalignments with my personal values or beliefs. Or self-worth! Simple as that.

This full moon is truly ‘pushing [me] to part ways with things that no longer serve [me] or [my] bigger purpose.’ Isn’t that what we all yearn for at the end of the day? To craft a narrative, the narrative of our life and personal hero’s journey, in which we’re vying for that coveted prize? Which in this case is a life devoted to our individual, deeply meaningful purpose? I know that’s what I’ve been reaching for and with each passing day I feel more confident that I’m getting closer and closer to it…I’ll keep you posted…

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