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5 Must-Have Nail Art Trends

From the moment I was born my nails have been "on fleek." Literally. My mom says I came out of the womb with a fresh manicure.

For the last almost twenty-four years of my life my nails have been an important part of my image. As a little girl I used to play nail salon with my mom and I had the cabinet FULL of OPI wacky colored nail polishes to prove it.

Once I got a little bit older, I started wearing acrylic nails as I realized not only were they gorgeous but they made my stubby little fingers look longer and leaner - major win! Now into my early twenties, I go through phases. One minute I love the acrylics, the next I'm annoyed at how difficult it is to scratch my freaking eyeball.

Currently I'm in the latter phase.

While my nails are significantly shorter than normal and my hands feel much more masculine and chubby than they usually do (I'm dramatic, deal with it), I'm enjoying the newfound freedom that's come with my short nails (i.e. my typing skills are mad fast, I don't make loud noises when I text and I don't have to worry about ripping a nail off when I put my shoes on. #winning).

It's only a matter of time until I put my claws back on but for now I'm enjoying the newness of my natural short nails. Here are the 5 looks I'm dying to try this summer.

  1. Geometric Nail Art

Image via

How fab are these aesthetically pleasing and geometrically radiant nails? I've seen so many takes on the geometric look from the simple to extremely complex. I think these land somewhere in between. Loving the color palette too!

2. Rose Gold Nails

Image via @nail_sunny

Yes, way Rose! I am ALL about the rose gold especially when it comes to nails. I've done a silver chrome look before and was obsessed with it so I think it's time to test out this updated feminine (yet still totally badass) version.

3. The Heart Mani

Image via

It was love at first sight with these! What a unique twist on a classic heart. Whether it be for Valentine's Day or 4th of July, I think this nail art was made for year round enjoyment.

4. Marble Nail Art

Image via

From kitchen countertops to phone cases, marble has hit the market in a major way! Now, making it's way to nail art, marble has taken on numerous forms from the understated stone seen here to more colorful designs. This is a MUST try!

5. Floral Nail Art

Image via Chalkboard Nails

I stumbled across an article the other day talking about unique manicures for your wedding. It featured some KILLER floral nail art like the one pictured above and I about fell out of my chair. I love the uniqueness of every floral nail art I've seen yet all of them are absolutely amazing. What a fun way to experiment with colors and femininity!

What are the nail trends you're looking to try this year? Join me, take some risks and have some fun with your nails whether they're little nubs or deliciously long acrylics.

(Send me pics please!)

(Originally Published May 31, 2017)

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