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AlmostFabMe's 2021 Goals

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year - which if you have, uhm, thanks for the invite?! - then you know we're rapidly approaching the official year mark since the world shut down.

Since March 2021 began on Monday, most of my calls have started with "can you believe it's almost been a year of us doing this?" "This" of course referring to moving our lives from tangible, physical, IRL things to entities comprised of digital communication whether at work or in our personal lives. (As if we weren't digitally engaged enough before). But yes, point being, it's almost been a year of this.

While it seems like just yesterday we were bidding adieu to teammates at work, declaring we'd see them in a couple weeks but having a sinking suspicion that it might be longer than that, well, it's been 365 days. Time has flown by and yet remained still. Frozen in an encapsulated universe, an alternate reality.

All of this to say, I feel like I woke up on Monday and March slapped me in the face. Full on open palm slap. From cultivating my Dream Board Kit/Dream Journal Business at the beginning of the year to building my personal brand and adjusting back to the work grind after the Holiday season and last but certainly not least, finding the time to maintain a sense of balance between work and life, sometimes it feels like I'm doing the most. Essentially this is a long, drawn out way of me saying I JUST completed my annual goals for 2021 over the weekend. Yes, over the weekend as in the end of February.

Truthfully, there's no "must complete by __" date when it comes to writing your annual goals, heck, you could write them on December 30 if you really wanted to. Obviously that would give you only a day or so to complete them so maybe I wouldn't recommend that strategy but just because I didn't get to writing my goals down until February, doesn't mean they're not valid. Doesn't mean they're not important. And certainly does NOT excuse me from establishing goals for the year that I want to hold myself accountable to accomplishing or trying my absolute darndest to.

It's been quite some time since I've done this but I decided to do something a little vulnerable and share my 2021 goals with you here. While I consider myself someone who's driven and has copious amounts of will power to accomplish what I set my mind to, that doesn't mean I don't need a little extra push every now and again.

But you know what, I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Have you ever needed a little extra nudge? Perhaps an extra bit of motivation to kickstart that project you've been avoiding at work or maybe a little dose of courage to reach out to that LinkedIn connection you've been wanting to learn more about? We all at some point in our lives have needed a little extra love shove if you will in the right direction to set us moving, one foot in front of the other toward achieving what deep down we know we're capable of achieving.

On that note I think I have successfully rambled on enough about everything under the sun other than my goals -- stalling much, Casey?? -- so let's just get right down to it shall we?!

Here are my 2021 Goals -- provided with a side of AlmostFabMe commentary. Did you ask for it? No?! I don't know, let's do it anyway.

Read 50 Books

After reading 82 books last year despite my original goal being 50, I now know that 50 is the bare minimum for me. Feel free to send any and all recs my way. Lord knows I'll need them.


I intentionally left this one vague. There's so much still up in the air each and every day but ideally my better half and I will be starting a new lease somewhere this year.

Get My First Paid Opportunity for AlmostFabMe

Truthfully this has been a goal of mine for the last couple of years. I've been dedicating more time to growing my blog and platforms so I really feel like this could be the year I turn this dream into reality.

One International Trip

God-willing the borders open up and international travel is deemed safe and acceptable again this year. Travel feeds my soul and I will tell you I am absolutely starved.

Invest in AlmostFabulousMe

Some of you may know but I'm currently in the middle of an online class dedicated to "Finding my Vibe" and Brand Voice which has been so amazing and truly the first step in investing in myself and AlmostFabulousMe. I'm hoping to do lots more of that this year!

Establish Dream Board Kit Business in Preparation for 2022

I had tons of learnings from launching this little side hustle on a whim this year and I'm excited to use them to bring an even better business model to life next year.

Birthday Trip Somewhere New!

Even if international travel isn't a thing by the time June rolls around, I'll take a trip anywhere new. A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

Buy Myself a Computer

Ideally, in a perfect, magical world I would use the proceeds from my side hustle (or that paid opportunity I mentioned earlier, ey?!) to buy myself a new laptop. Mama needs an upgrade.

Establish Online Vintage Clothing Shop

A dream that's near and dear to my heart. I don't have much to speak on just yet but I feel this in my bones. I feel this business opportunity at the core of who I am and want to work feverishly on bringing this to life in some capacity this year.

$6k Toward My Retirement

My boyfriend would be so proud. In fact, he's the one that inspired this goal! (So I know he's proud, lol). In all seriousness, I know the importance of having your money go to work for you so I'm just starting to dabble in investing but excited to have it on the list this year.

Outline My First Book!

Whew, this is a scary one y'all. I am SCARED. I can't even believe I'm sharing this one. That means I HAVE to do it now, right?? Well, there it is, I said it.There's no taking it back now. I want to (at least) outline my first book this year.

While these goals are currently on a sticky note attached to my Dream Board in my room, it's not like I have many people walking in and out of my space checking them out so truth be told that was more challenging than I thought it would be. Just like sharing our Dream Boards with family or friends is a crucial part of the process (hello accountability buddies), so is sharing some of those more tangible goals/dreams.

It's not easy, but boy does it feel good. Would you do me a favor? Help me hold myself accountable to accomplishing these goals this year. I'm looking to you to give me that extra "love shove" when I'm feeling down, unmotivated and like putting some of these things on the back burner indefinitely. You know exactly what I'm talking about don't you??

If you're interested, I'd love to hear YOUR 2021 Goals. Feel free to message me on Instagram (@almostfabme) or send me an email ( Let's turn these dreams into reality!

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