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2020 Non-Traditional Holiday Gift Guide

As I've gotten older, I am ALL about a non-traditional gift. I think it's engrained in my Millenial brain to value experiences over material things - although don't get me wrong I love my clothes, purses, shoes, etc. - but more than anything, especially this year, I desire and value experiences.

While we've been extremely limited when it comes to enjoying experiences this year, that doesn't mean that there aren't ANY experiences out there that we can enjoy. More importantly, as I'm sure you've also realized this year, there's value in having access to everything (just about) and anyone with the click of a mouse or keyboard. Brands and businesses are shifting to a more digital-first approach to allow their consumers to still feel a part of the brand without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. Which means lots of "digital" opportunities and experiences coming your way.

That being said, here's one of my personal favorite Holiday Gift Guides to create - The 2020 Non-Traditional Holiday Gift Guide.

An Annual Membership to MasterClass

Masterclass is an online platform housing hundreds, if not thousands of videos of professionals educating students across various industries. From photography, to cooking and everything in between, MasterClass gives you access to some of the best teachers in the world sharing their knowledge based on their own experiences.

MasterClass Annual Membership $180 (Gift One, Get One!)

Limited Membership to Skillshare, Prices Vary

Similar to MasterClass, Skillshare gives students the ability to learn a variety of skills through various educational videos. From my understanding, Skillshare seems to be a bit more specific (i.e. learn how to use Adobe Pro to edit videos) whereas MasterClass is like the video version of business/marketing/entrepreneurship/self-help books - which I love. Both make great gifts this Holiday Season!

Start learning with Skillshare, Today!

Health House Membership for a Year! ($20 per month = $240 annual membership)

Health House *traditionally* is the first dedicated Rowing Studio that mixes rowing and strength training for a full body workout. While I miss the in-studio experience and energy that the West Hollywood location in Los Angeles offers, Health House at home has been kicking my butt with daily streamed workouts since the beginning of quarantine. For $20 a month you can gain access to their online platform which offers daily streamed workouts and stores all the old workouts should you not be able to tune in and join live or want to go back and re-visit any old workouts. For less than $250, you can give the gift of an annual Health House membership! Please note, they don't have gift cards under the gift section of their website so you may have to contact them to inquire.

Contact Health House

Wine Box/Membership, or just plain Wine

Usual Wines is a company that I've heard about quite a bit about as of late on various podcast ads and while I've been wanting to try this sustainably farmed wine myself, I think it makes a great gift this Holiday Season. I've featured Wine Memberships in past "non-traditional gift guides" and while that's still a great gift idea, Usual Wines has partnered with Vinebox to bring a 12 Nights of Wine giftbox, something a little different this Holiday Season. There are only 300 of these incredible boxes featuring wines from around Europe available so be sure to order yours while you still can!

VINEBOX 12 Nights of Wine, $129

Usual Wines, Rosé from Santa Barbara, CA

Airbnb Giftcard

I mean let's be real, who couldn't use a getaway this year, am I right? An Airbnb giftcard allows the receiver to use it toward an upcoming weekend getaway or even an Airbnb experience.


Boxfox makes an incredible gift no matter the gift giving occasion. I love that it offers activities or experiential moments within some of the boxes, too! From an at-home cooking night, to everything you need for a Netflix bingeing evening, Boxfox has great options to make your Holidays at home extra special this year.

Boxfox Time Well Spent, $150

Flowers and/or Plants to Spruce up the Home

Don't forget about the little things that can mean so much during the Holiday Season. You don't always need to spend the big bucks to let someone know you're thinking about them. Flowers and or a beautiful plant (depending on the gift receiver) make a wonderful gift during the Holiday Season. Bonus points if they can add a wonderful festive scent to the home! I love supporting small, local florists and plant mavens like the two shops listed below. Be sure to shop small and support your local florists if possible!

Farmgirl Flowers, The Just Right Burlap Wrapped Bouquet $79

Relles Florist, 8" Silver Bay Plant in Basket $90

Snack Box from Mouth

'Tis the Season - and the YEAR really - for snacks, all day every day. A snack box from Mouth makes such a great gift this Holiday Season especially as people are less inclined to be spending time surrounded by family and huge family dinners and more likely to have more time at home. Snacks are the gift that keeps on giving! I loved this Holiday snack box in particular filled with all the Holiday treat essentials.

Mouth, World's Greatest Holiday Box, $194


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, Headspace considers themselves an "English-American online healthcare company, specializing in meditation." Our mental health is more important than ever during what has been a truly tumultuous year. Give the gift of a Headspace membership and show your loved ones that you value their mental health and are there to support it in any way you can, even if it means access to online meditations at the push of a button.

Headspace 1 Year Membership $69.99; 1 Month Membership $12.99

Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu Streaming Bundle

For just $12.99 a month you can get access to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu's ad-supported plan. Now THAT'S a great deal! With more content and streaming services than ever before, support your loved ones content streaming needs by gifting this incredible package this Holiday Season.

Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for just $12.99/month

Spotify Giftcard

Consider a Spotify gift card for the music lover (who doesn't already pay for the music streaming service of course) in your life. Gift cards can be found at most retailers in amounts ranging from $10 to $60. While a $10 gift card may not seem like a whole lot - just think, that's one whole month of access!

Spotify $60 Gift card found at Target

Thrive Market Membership

"Thrive Market is an online, membership-based market delivering the highest quality healthy and sustainable products to your door at member-only prices. The gift of a Thrive Market membership provides access to incredible benefits, including: Shop over 6,000 wholesome food, home, and beauty products curated just for members; Shop by your diet and values; Every paid membership sponsors a free one for a low-income family." I mean - what more could you ask for?? Thrive Market has it all and makes such a great gift for your health-conscious loved one this Holiday Season.

Thrive Market 1 Year Membership $59.95

Blue Apron

Give the gift of Blue Apron and make someone's Holiday meal planning a little bit simpler this year. With a $120 gift card, the recipient receives a two-week delivery of 3 recipes on any 2-serving Meal Plan. Meal delivery services are much appreciated no matter who you are or at what stage of life you may be in.

Blue Apron Meal E-Gift Card, Amounts Vary

Daily Harvest Gift Box

As you probably know, I am a BIG fan of Daily Harvest. While I haven't personally ventured outside their smoothies and protein bites, I still love them nevertheless. They offer an awesome custom gift box in which the recipient can actually select the 9 items they want to receive in their gift. Believe me when I say, they'll be hooked!

Daily Harvest Custom Gift Box, $75

Digital Photo Frame

In a year where we crave human connection more than ever, digital photo frames are a unique, personal gift that can make the recipient feel enveloped by happy memories with their friends and family. You can also upload photos and even a personal digital message to the frame to surprise the recipient with upon opening.

Aura Carver Frame $199

Beauty Service Gift Card

The service industry has been one of the hardest hit this year and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I miss my facials, my nail appointments, eyelash appointments, the list goes on and on. While we are moving toward more restrictive lockdown mode yet again, consider purchasing a gift card from your loved one's favorite service provider to be redeemed when appropriate. You'll give them something to look forward to while also supporting a local small business.

Airlines Giftcard

While this particular gift may not be used and/or enjoyed to its full capacity in the months to come, like a beauty services gift card, it gives the recipient something to look forward to. I feel like I'm going to live in an airplane whenever international travel restrictions are lifted! Support your loved one's future travel plans with a gift card to one of their favorite airlines. The recipient and the airlines will certainly appreciate it.

American Airlines Gift Card, Amounts Vary

Framebridge Giftcard

If you haven't heard of Framebridge, they're essentially a custom framing company bringing your favorite photos to life in beautiful, custom frames. Whether you have a print and need help getting it framed or you want design help on building your dream custom wall, Framebridge is here to help with all your custom gifts! Give the gift of Framebridge and help your loved one fill their home with photos that make them smile for years to come.

Framebridge E-Gift Cards, Amounts Vary

National Parks Annual Pass

I have been LIVING for a road trip this year, as many of us have given the current state of travel restrictions. There are so many beautiful places right in our own backyards and this year has gifted us with the opportunity to explore some of those destinations. The America the Beautiful - The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass gives the recipient access to over 2,000 natural, historic, and cultural sites in the US for one year. Give the gift of exploration this Holiday Season! A reminder to be sure and check the park website to determine its operating status and current regulations given COVID-19 before traveling.

America The Beautiful Annual National Parks Pass $80

Custom Pet and/or Family Portrait

I have always wanted a custom portrait - both photography portrait and artistic portrait - of my best girl, my dog, Coco. During a trip to Chicago a few years back I discovered the incredible artist that is Emmie Bean. I know she's not the only artist offering similar custom portraits but I absolutely LOVE how bold, fun and colorful these images are. Check out her website to learn more about sending in a picture for her to transform into a custom portrait for your loved one this Holiday Season.

Emmie Bean, Custom Portraits start at $90

That concludes another Holiday Gift Guide. I think I've done my non-traditional gift guide from the very beginning of gift guides believe it or not! As mentioned earlier, as I've gotten older, while I still love material gifts, there's something to be said about experiential gifts. Take the time to think of what your friend or family member might really need or want this Holiday Season and surprise them with a non-traditional gift from the list above.

Please don't forget you can always reach me either by messaging me directly on Instagram @almostfabme or by sending me an email at I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and I look forward to hearing from you!

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