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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Edition

Stocking stuffers can be either the most fun or the hardest items to shop for! Over the years my family has established stocking stuffer go-to's - you know, the items that will ALWAYS be somewhere in that giant sock - which definitely makes shopping a bit easier. However, it can still be a challenge to find items small and meaningful enough to fit inside a stocking.

So let's find some meaningful (small) items to stuff those stockings with this year.

Here's 2020's Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Edition!

Buzzed Card Game

Games are always a fun gift idea - whether stocking stuffer or otherwise. I can confirm that I purchased this gift for a friend of mine for Christmas last year and it is SO fun! Definitely stocking-sized as well.

Buzzed Card Game, $20

Batiste Mini Dry Shampoo Trio Gift Set

This is one of my favorite dry shampoo brands and I love that they're offering it in three mini bottles - perfect for a stocking stuffer! They're also the ideal size to toss in your carry-on bag while traveling.

Batiste Mini Dry Shampoo Trio Gift Set, $10

Five Minute Journal

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that my daily journaling has increased this year - no surprise there, right? The Five Minute Journal is perfect for that person in your life who wants to get into daily journaling but is perhaps struggling to establish the practice. This journal has prompts laid out for you day by day, making it incredibly easy to stay on top of your daily, five minute journaling.

The Five-Minute Journal by Intelligent Change, $24.95.

Little Words Project Bracelets

If you subscribe to my newsletter then I already told you that LWP would be popping up in multiple Holiday posts. (If you don't subscribe, let this be your sign that you should). Little Words Project bracelets are the perfect stocking stuffer. Buy them for the man or woman in your life and show them how much they mean to you.

Little Words Project, Reflection Winter '20 Collection, Bracelets Range from $20-$25

AirPods Case

I'm definitely starting to realize the value in having an AirPods case to differentiate your small, white headphones case from all the other small, white headphones cases. While there are tons of options to choose from, I thought this one was so fun and, well, happy!

Chinatown Market X Smiley UO Exclusive AirPods Case, $10

Superfood Mask Bowl Sheet Mask Set

Give your loved one the gift of hydrated, glowing skin with this Superfood Mask Bowl Set of sheet masks.

TONYMOLY Superfood Mask Bowl Set, $15

Moon Juice Sample Pack

Sample packs of products such as this sample pack of Moon Juice products make such a great stocking stuffer gift. They give the receiver the opportunity to test out products they have been wanting to try without committing to splurging on the full-size of whatever it may be.

Moon Juice The Full Moon Sachet Sampler Pack, $22

Facial Cooling Globes

Before you start laughing at these funny looking objects, let me just ask if you've ever had someone use them on your face during a facial?!? No??? Then you can't say ANYTHING. I had a facial once with these cooling globes and let me tell you they are a game changer. They take jade rolling to the next level.

UO Facial Cooling Globe Duo, $20

Butterfly Clips

I have been transported back to my childhood with these adorable butterfly clips. I used to collect these when I was a little girl and I'm so happy to see them coming back into style! They're so fun to play with and add a little something extra to a simple hairstyle.

Urban Renewal Vintage Neon Bright Butterfly Clip Set, $10

Reusable Straw Set

I have this exact reusable straw set and I absolutely love it! Not only does it comes with multiple straws but it also comes with the cleaning tool, making keeping your reusable straws clean a whole lot easier.

Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Set, $10

Bala Workout Bangles

Over the summer these Bala Workout Bangles could be seen absolutely everywhere! With people migrating inside to do their daily workouts or even just finding themselves outside going on walks a bit more, these Bala Bangles became the must-have additions to any at-home or outdoor workout.

Bala Bangles Wearable Weight Set, $49

Pendleton Playing Card Deck

You can never go wrong with a beautiful deck of playing cards. Love this special edition one from Pendleton.

Pendleton Playing Card Deck, $19.95

What Do You Meme

This is another one of those games that absolutely must be added to your collection if you don't already have it. You can also mix things up with fun expander packs once you want to explore other memes.

What Do You Meme Game, $30

Wine Holder Bluetooth Shower Speaker

How I've never seen this particular GENIUS invention I have no idea but wow I need this immediately. Not only does it hold your wine glass while you're showering, getting ready for a night out but it also plays music?! Genius.

Gabba Goods Wine Holder Bluetooth Shower Speaker, $30

Jade Gua Sha Tool

Personally, I Jade Roll and use my Gua Sha daily and I have to say I prefer the Gua Sha. I don't know what it is about it but I can definitely feel the positive effects of a Gua Sha more than the Jade Roller. Don't get me wrong I still love both but if you already have a Jade Roller, consider adding a Gua Sha to your collection today.

Daily Concepts Jade Gua Sha Tool, $16

Capri Blue Volcano Room Spray

I'm fairly positive the Capri Blue Volcano Candle has made it's way into a gift guide every year since I started doing gift guides and for good reason! I was excited to see this room spray as an option to fill your home with the incredible scent that is Capri Blue Volcano.

Capri Blue Volcano Room Spray, $24

National Park Glass Candle

How CUTE are these National Park Candles? Candles make a great gift no matter who you're gifting them to but I love giving a beautiful novelty candle as something a little special during the Holiday Season. These National Park Candles are so fun and can turn something like a candle into a more personal gift.

National Park Glass Candle, $38

Makeup Sponge Set

Fairly positive I bought this for myself as a gift last Holiday Season and it was worth every penny. Beauty sponges can be a pain to spend money on so that makes them a great gift idea! If your friend, girlfriend, partner, whomever wears makeup, you can rest easy knowing she'll likely use these and love you for gifting them to her.

Sephora Collection Total Coverage Makeup Sponge Set, $20

Rose Gold Playing Cards

Who knew there were so many beautiful playing card decks out there?! These ones are absolutely stunning and will make a perfect stocking stuffer this Holiday Season.

Rose Gold Playing Cards, $12.95

At-Home/Travel Manicure Kit

I've never needed nor used an at-home manicure kit quite as much as I have this year. Thankfully my mom has one I've been using non-stop which is why I was inspired to put this in the stocking stuffer guide. If you're like me and giving yourself lots of at-home manicures, a little kit like this is so helpful to have!

Nailed It Manicure Set, $26.95

Bathtub Caddy

This is what Instagram Bath Dreams are made of. I took baths more frequently when I was little but I always envisioned them to be this luxurious experience where I'd soak in warm, bath bomb infused water enjoying a good book. Of course, they were never like that but I think this bath caddy might be the answer to all your (and my!) bath dreams.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy, $39.95

Cosmetic Bag

While typically reserved for traveling which, let's be honest, we're not doing a whole lot of right now, cosmetic bags are great to have to chuck in your purse or work bag for a last minute touchup. I thought this one was so cute and fun!

Blush Beauty Cosmetic Bag, $32.95

Crush Your Goals Cards

I received these as a gift last year and I thought it was such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. You won't have any trouble finding "affirmation cards," as they're quite popular right now but I loved the messages found throughout these Crush Your Goals Cards.

Crush Your Goals Cards, $14.95

Ice Facial Roller

Yes, another facial tool. While I don't own this myself I've heard lots of positive reviews about it. An ice facial roller is great for calming down inflammation and rejuvenating your skin first thing in the morning. That's exactly why I stick my Jade Roller in the freezer!

Ice Facial Roller, $19.95

52 Lists for Happiness Journal

Let's be honest, we could all use more happiness in our lives this year. Like the 5 Minute Journal, the 52 Lists for Happiness Journal makes a great gift for just about anyone in your life to inspire "Positivity, Balance and Joy." I'm here for it!

52 Lists for Happiness Journal, $16.95

Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

*ADDS TO CART IMMEDIATELY.* Ugh, if you haven't tried Sugarfina gummy bears I will be the first to tell you, you're missing out! Not only are they delicious but they're so cute and honestly great as decor.

Sugarfina Champagne Bears, $9.95

Life Hacks Book

Books (if they're small enough that is) make great stocking stuffers and I thought this one was such a fun addition to anyone's library! Great to keep in the bathroom or a guest bedroom for entertainment.

Life Hacks Book, $14.95

Travel Jewelry Box

This is something I added to my collection recently and let me say it's a necessity for the traveling woman in your life. It keeps all your jewelry in order and organized whenever you travel with it which is a HUGE life hack and time saver truthfully. Bye bye tangled necklaces!

Celestial Travel Jewelry Box, $19.95

Body Scrub

Give your loved ones the gift of pampering themselves with an at-home body scrub. I LOVE using a body scrub like these in the shower to exfoliate my skin especially during the colder Winter months. Keep your skin soft and glowing all Winter long! Your Summertime body will thank you for it.

Body + Benefits Body Scrub, $9.99

Sneaker Cleaning Kit

An absolute must-have for the sneaker lover (man or woman) in your life! Help them keep their beloved sneakers looking and feeling fresh with this sneaker cleaning kit.

Gentleman's Hardware Sneaker Cleaning Travel Kit, $9.99

Oftentimes I feel like stocking stuffers are found while shopping for other, "big-ticket" items. They're those small trinkets that fill up the spaces of our oversized socks hanging from the fireplace. Hopefully this gift guide provided you with some inspiration to make this year's stocking stuffers a bit more intentional and more exciting for the receiver!

Please don't forget you can always reach me by messaging me directly on Instagram (@almostfabme) or directly via email at

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