I'm almost fabulous, I swear

Achieving all my #HairGoals with Formulate

Those of you who know me (or follow me from afar or whatever it may be) should know that my hair is literally my brand. We’ve been through a journey my hair and I. From the time I cut it all off when I was 4 so I could have short hair like my mom to the time that baby curl at the nape of my neck turned into a mane full of curls in 6th grade, believe me when I say it has not been easy.

To all my curly haired girls, remember when your friends in grade school told you that boys don’t like girls with curly hair? Yeah, talk about being scarred for LIFE! Well it took some years and not to mention a few added inches and highlights before I finally came to accept my curly hair but now I LOVE it. Like I said, my hair is my brand. No joke.

Don’t get me wrong I do love to straighten it every now and again and surprise people with sleek blonde locks – also to see how long my hair is IRL – but for the most part I’m rocking voluminous curls.


I will admit I’ve struggled as I’ve gotten older to find the right product for my hair. I’ve found a lot of curly hair product tends to weigh down my hair and make it look greasy or oily. But sometimes if I put nothing in it it looks extremely dry and frizzy. Don’t even get me started on the weather, that’s a whole different conversation.

Nevertheless I’ve been searching for the perfect shampoo and conditioner that gives me the texture that suits my curly haired fantasy. I was SO excited when my friends at Formulate reached out to me to do a partnership and give YOU, my fans, the chance to win your own personalized shampoo and conditioner.

Once I was all aboard train Formulate, I filled out a quick survey which asked me questions about the length, texture, color of my hair and everything in between. It was super quick and easy and just like that my first round of shampoo and conditioner was being Formulated (pun DEFINITELY intended).

In full transparency, it took about 3 rounds before I got the perfect formula for my hair. I’m telling you people I’ve got some DIVA hair over here. But nevertheless, Formulate nailed it. My favorite part is by far the smell. After each shampoo/condition I literally smell like a beach goddess and it makes me want to just lay on the beach at some fantastic tropical destination. The weight of the product is really good too and it coats my hair with just the right amount of silky smooth goodness.


All in all my experience with the Formulate team was amazing. They were with me along the entire process making sure the product was suitable for my hair and helped me achieve all the #hairgoals I was after.

The concept of Formulate is so amazing too! The fact that a company exists where I can take a survey talking about all my hair probs (there’s plenty girl) and they’re answered in pretty shampoo and conditioner bottles at my doorstep – I mean COME ON!

Here’s the best part, you can win your very own personalized shampoo and conditioner courtesy of Formulate by entering here: https://www.formulate.co/u/almostfabme or on my Instagram.

Trust me, you won’t regret it! And even better, your hair will thank you!